7 Seeds

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Anime Plot Story

When Astronomers Predict A Meteorite Will Fall On Earth, World Leaders Meet To Develop A Plan For Human Survival Called The Seven Seeds Project. Every Country Agrees To Keep Young People Healthy With Cryogenics, Allowing Them To Survive The Devastating Effects Of Exposure. After The Computer Determines That The Earth Is Safe For Human Life Again, It Will Revive Each Group.

The Japanese Government Is Creating Five Groups Of Survivors Named Winter, Spring, Summer A, Summer B, And Autumn. Each Group Consists Of Seven Members, Who Are Not Told What Will Happen Before They Are Placed In Cryopreservation, And One Adult Guide Trained In Wildlife Survival.

These Groups Are Scattered Throughout Japan: Summer Groups In Southern And Northern Kyushu, Autumn In Western Honshu, Spring In Central Honshu Near Tokyo, And Winter In Hokkaido.

Waking Up Many Years Later From Cryogenic Sleep, Young Men And Women Find Themselves In A Hostile Environment Devoid Of Any Human Life. Their Former Homeland, Japan, Has Changed A Lot. Completely Alone, They Must Rely Only On Themselves To Survive In The New World.

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