A Silent Voice

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • A Silent Voice
  • Koe no Katachi
  • The Shape of Voice
  • 聲の形

A Silent Voice Anime Movie Plot In English

In His Youth, Elementary School Student Shoya Ishida Tried To Defeat Boredom In The Most Brutal Ways. When The Deaf Shoko Nishimiya Enters Her Class, Shoya And The Rest Of His Class Mindlessly Mock Her For Fun.

However, When Her Mother Notifies The School, He Is Singled Out And Blamed For Everything That Has Been Done To Her. When Shoko Leaves School, Shoya Remains At The Mercy Of His Classmates. He Is Ruthlessly Ostracized In Elementary And Middle School, And Teachers Turn A Blind Eye To It.

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Now In Her Third Year Of High School, Shoya Still Suffers From Her Childhood Misconduct. Sincerely Regretting His Past Deeds, He Sets Out On The Path Of Redemption: To Meet Again With Shoko And Make Amends.

Koe No Katachi Tells The Touching Story Of Shoy’s Reunion With Shoko And His Honest Attempts To Redeem Himself, While He Is Constantly Haunted By The Shadows Of His Past.

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