Ace of Diamond

  • Ace of Diamond
  • Daiya no Ēsu
  • ダイヤのA

Ace of Diamond Anime Plot Story

The series is about Eijun Sawamura, a baseball pitcher with an unusual pitching style that naturally causes the ball to move unpredictably near the plate. Sawamura plans to go with his friends to the local high school and play baseball to the best of his ability. However, a scout from the prestigious Seidō High School approaches him and offers him a scholarship and a chance to enter national competitions.

Sawamura decides to visit the school and it completely changes his outlook on the future. Seido and their main rivals are trying to help high school students qualify for national competitions during the summer tournament. Once the summer tournament is over, the high school students will be forced to retire, but Sawamura will help them succeed despite their lack of control.

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Sometime later, Sawamura and his teammates, Furuya Satoru, Kominato Haruichi, and Miyuki Kazuya, along with several returning faces, lead a new team in the fall tournament. Their overly ambitious goal is to go to the national championship during the fall tournament and convince coach Kataoka that he doesn’t need to retire.

Ace of Diamond Act II continues to follow Sawamura and the team as they prepare for the summer tournament. With the new year, there are new faces that join the Seido baseball club. Sawamura and Furuya compete against national level teams, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and perfecting their serving style while competing against each other to earn the coveted ace title.

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At the same time, Seido’s batters are improving themselves to become as formidable as last year’s first team talent. With all these preparations, Seido aims to win the summer tournament before the high school student graduates.

Ace of Diamond Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Miyuki, Kazuya
    • Sawamura, Eijun
    • Kominato, Haruichi
    • Furuya, Satoru
  • Supporting Characters
    • Takigawa, Chris Yuu
    • Kuramochi, Youichi
    • Yuuki, Tetsuya
    • Todoroki, Raichi
    • Narumiya, Mei
    • Kominato, Ryousuke

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