Angel Beats!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Angel Beats Plot Story In English

Angel Beats! The Action Takes Place In The Afterlife Environment Of High School, As If In Limbo For People Who Have Gone Through Trauma Or Adversity In Life And Must Overcome Them Before Leaving And Reincarnated. The Story Follows Yuzuru Otonashi, An Amnesiac Boy Who Is Sent To The Afterlife. He Meets Up With Yuri Nakamura, A Girl Who Invites Him To Join The Battle For The Afterlife, Or SSS, An Organization She Founded And Leads That Rebel Against The Invisible God Because Of His Unfair Life Circumstances.

Their Enemy Is An Angel, The Student Council President, Who Has Supernatural Powers And Is Considered A Companion Of God. After Joining SSS, Otonashi Meets Other Members, Including Hideki Hinata, Co-founder; Masami Iwasawa, Lead Vocalist For The Four-girl Rock Band Girls Dead Monster, And Yui, A Junior High School Student And Gdm Fan. In Addition To SSS Members, The Afterlife Is Inhabited By Fabricated Students And Teachers, Whom Yuri Calls “non-playable Characters.”

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Otonashi Is Involved In Several Ss Operations And Missions, Although He Still Doubts The Morality Of His Actions. During One Of Gdm’s Distracting Concerts, Iwasawa Departs From The Afterlife, Achieving Satisfaction Through His Music. After Ccc Manages To Demote Angel From Her Position, Otonashi Partially Regains His Memories Through The Hypnosis Of Vice President Ayato Naoi.

He Later Befriended The Angel, Whose Real Name Is Kanade Tachibana And Remembers Everything Else From His Past In Her Presence. Otonashi Helps Her Come To Terms With SSS And Learns About The True Purpose Of The Afterlife. He Subsequently Offers To Help Canada Help Other SSS Members Die, And Canada Is Reinstated As Student Council President According To Their Plan. They Are Joined By Hinata And Naoi, While The Former Helps Yui Move On, Fulfilling Her Wish For Marriage.

Mysterious Shadow-like Entities Begin To Appear, Attacking The Inhabitants Of The Afterlife, Turning Them Into NPCs. Otonashi Ponders With The Other SSS Members, And Many Of Them Agree To Relinquish Their Npc Status. Yuri Destroys The Source Of The Shadows Created By Computers Programmed To Activate When Love Was Discovered In The Afterlife So That It Doesn’t Turn Into Heaven.

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Her Affection For The SSS Members Allows Her To Finally Overcome Her Regret, And By This Time The Only Ones Who Have Not Yet Passed Are Otonashi, Yuri, Kanade, Hinata, And Naoi. The Five Remaining Students Hold Their Graduation Ceremony Before Naoi, Yuri, And Hinata Leave, Leaving Only Otonashi And Canada.

Otonashi Confesses To Kanada That He Fell In Love With Her And Wants Them To Stay In The Afterlife To Help Others Move On. However, Kanade Reveals That She Regretted Not Being Able To Thank Her Heart Donor, Otonashi, For Extending Her Life.

Otonashi Is Heartbroken After She Thanked Him And Left, Leaving Him Alone In The Afterlife. Later, Two People Similar To Otonashi And Canada Meet On The Street In The Real World. In An Alternate Epilogue, Otonashi Becomes Student Council President And Helps Lost Souls Leave The Afterlife In Anticipation Of A New Encounter With Canada.

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