Ben 10

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Ben 10 Plot Story

The Story Revolves Around A Boy Named Ben Tennyson Who Acquires The Omnitrix, An Alien Wristwatch-like Device.

The Watch Contains The DNA Of Different Alien Species. Using The Omnitrix, Ben Can Transform Into Powerful Aliens With Various Abilities. The Omnitrix Initially Contains Ten Aliens, Although Ben Later Gains More Species By Adding Their DNA.

Ben 10

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Series Centers On Ben Tennyson, A 10-year-old Boy Traveling On Summer Vacation With His Cousin Gwen And Their Grandfather Max, Who Is Secretly A Member Of An Intergalactic Organization Called The Plumbers.

During Their First Night At Camping In His Grandfather’s Van, Nicknamed The “Rusty Bucket,” Ben Finds A Mysterious Alien Watch Like Device That Attaches To His Wrist, Allowing Him To Transform Into Several Originally Ten But Later More Alien Life Forms.

Each With Special Abilities. While On Vacation, The Tennysons Are Attacked By A Wide Variety Of Enemies, Ranging From Aliens Such As The Intergalactic Warlord Vilgax, The Duo Of Bounty Hunters Sixix And Kraab, The Ectonurite High King Z’skyr, An 11-year-old Criminal Named Kevin Levin.

Who Has The Ability To Absorb Energy, The Mad Scientist Dr. Animo, The Enigmatic Paramilitary Organization Forever Knights, Supernatural Beings Such As The Interdimensional Sorcerer Hex And His Niece The Charmcaster, And The Mastermind Of The Clowns Zombozo And His Trio Of Circus Freaks?

Ben 10 : Alien Force

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Series Begins Five Years After Summer Break When Ben First Discovered The Omnitrix. Ben Removed The Omnitrix And Returned To Normal, But He Is Forced To Use It Again To Save His Grandfather Max, Who Was Abducted By A Xenophobic Alien Race Called The Highborne As Part Of A Conspiracy To Rid The Earth Of Humans. Creatures.

Ben’s Age Forces The Omnitrix To Reboot, Giving Him Access To New Aliens As Well As Some Of The Original Tv Series. Ben Is Joined By Gwen And Former Enemy Kevin Levin, Who Fight Against A Universal Plan To Exterminate Tall Breeds.

Ben 10 : Ultimate Alien

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

After Ben’s Last Battle With Vilgax, Which Destroyed The Omnitrix, Ben Replaces Him With The Ultimatrix, A Device That Allows Him To Transform His Alien Forms Into Their Final Forms. Ben Has Become A Worldwide Celebrity Thanks To The Recent Public Disclosure Of His Identity.

Meanwhile, Ben, Gwen, And Kevin Must Stop The Villainous Osmosis Named Aggregor, Who Is Hunting Aliens From The Andromeda Galaxy And Intends To Use His Powers To Achieve The “Grand Prize”. Later, Ben, Gwen, And Kevin Must Stop An Extradimensional Entity Named Diagon From Taking Over The Universe.

Ben 10 : Omniverse

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ben Acquires A New And Improved Omnitrix, Which Gives Him Access To Another New Set Of Aliens Along With All The Previous Ones. After Gwen Goes To College With Kevin, Ben Teams Up With Rook Blonko, A Plumber From The Planet Revonna.

He Is Targeted By An Intergalactic Hunter Named Khyber, Who Has A Copy Of The Omnitrix, The Nemetrix, With The Help Of The Mad Scientist Dr. Psychobos. They Both Work With An Enemy From Ben’s Past, A Corrupted Galvanic Mechamorph Named Malicious Software.

Ben Later Battles Vilgax, The Incursians, Albedo, Zs’skyr, Psiphon, Charmcaster, A Black-ops Squad Of A Plumber Named Ruthers, His Crazy Alternate Dimension Ben, And The Swindler Chronosapien Maltruant.

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