Black Lagoon

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon Anime

Thailand Is Home To Roanapur, A Depraved, Crime-ridden City Where Even The Authorities Or Churches Are Untouched By The Claws Of Corruption. A Haven For Convicts And Degenerates, The City Is Known For Being The Center Of Illegal Activities And Operations, Often Fueled By Local Crime Syndicates. Enter Rokuro Okajima, A Typical Japanese Businessman Who Has Led A Boring And Monotonous Life, When He Finally Has A Chance To Change The Pace Of Delivery To Southeast Asia. His Assignment Quickly Deteriorates As Rokuro Is Captured By A Group Of Mercenaries Operating In Roanapur Called The Black Lagoon.

The Group Plans To Use This As A Bargaining Chip In Negotiations That Ultimately Fell Through. Now Abandoned And Betrayed By His Former Employer, Rokuro Decides To Join The Black Lagoon. To Survive, He Must Quickly Adapt To The New Environment And Prepare For The Coming Bloodshed And Disaster. The Non-stop High-octane Thriller Black Lagoon Explores The Depths Of Human Morality And Virtue. Witness Rokuro Struggles To Maintain His Values ​​and Philosophy, Slowly Transforming From A Businessman To A Ruthless Mercenary.

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Black Lagoon Season 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Black Lagoon 2nd Season
  • Black Lagoon Second Season
  • BLACK LAGOON The Second Barrage
  • Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

Rokuro “Rock” Okajima has joined the Lagoon Company, a pirate mercenary group that operates in Roanapur, Thailand. Despite his initial protests, this filthy slum of depraved souls and ruthless criminals now serves as the home of a former employee. Stranded with nothing left of his past life but the clothes on his back and his inner morality, Rock is forced to do work alongside the other crew members of the Laguna.

Reviled for his spinelessness as he claws his way through society’s underbelly, he must decide whether to continue living amid gunfire and ruthlessness or risk everything he has in an attempt to free himself. Whether he chooses the comfort of a familiar land or the freedom to be a criminal, his decision will have long-term consequences for the team that gave him a home.

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Black Lagoon Season 3

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Black Lagoon 3
  • BLACK LAGOON Roberta’s Blood Trail
  • Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail
  • Black Lagoon: Roberta´s Blood Trail
  • Black Lagoon : Roberta’s Blood Trail

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

Roberta, the terrorist-turned-maid who appeared in the first season of Black Lagoon, is back in this five-episode OVA series – and this time, all bets are off! Roberta’s benefactor, the patriarch of the Lovelace clan, is killed during a political rally. The killer’s trail soon leads back to Roanapur, and now she’s back on a mission of revenge!

However, standing next to her is the new patriarch Garcia, as well as Roberta’s apprentice and maid Fabiola Iglesias. As the number of victims of Roberta’s bloody rampage mounts, forces from within the corrupt island including the Laguna Company as well as from abroad are coming together in what threatens to escalate into an all-out war!

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Black Lagoon Season 4

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The series revolves around the story of wealthy businessman Rokurpu Okajima. He was satisfied with everything in his life, but somewhere he was alone. In his life, there is no cheerfulness and excitement that a normal person has. He has nothing of the kind.

Then one day he went to Thailand and was kidnapped by a gang called the Black Lagoon who once had an agreement with Okajima and now kidnapped him for revenge. He was very tired of his boring business life, and he decided to start something interesting and joined the criminal world.

So in the first three seasons, that whole story was explored. Now, in Season 4’s plot, we can expect Okajima to face some stunts and action. I am this underworld, which is unusual for him.

Black Lagoon Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Revy
    • Okajima, Rokurou
    • Dutch
    • Benny
  • Supporting Characters
    • Balalaika
    • Roberta
    • Eda
    • Chang, Bai Ji-Shin
    • Shenhua
    • Leigharch

Black Lagoon Episodes

Black Lagoon Season – 1

Sl NoEpisode Title
1The Black Lagoon
2Mangrove Heaven
3Ring-Ding Ship Chase
4Die Rückkehr des Adlers
5Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles
6Moonlit Hunting Grounds
7Calm Down, Two Men
8Rasta Blasta
9Maid to Kill
10The Unstoppable Chambermaid
11Lock’n Load Revolution
12Guerrillas in the Jungle
Black Lagoon Season 1

Black Lagoon Season – 2

Sl NoEpisode Title
1The Vampire Twins Comen
2Bloodsport Fairytale
3Swan Song at Dawn
4Greenback Jane
5The Roanapur Freakshow Circus
6Mr. Benny’s Good Fortune
7Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise
8The Succession
9Two Father’s Little Soldier Girls
10The Dark Tower
11Snow White’s Payback
12The Gunslingers
Black Lagoon Season 2

Black Lagoon Season – 3

Sl NoEpisode Title
1Collateral Massacre
2An Office Man’s Tactics
3Angels in the Crosshairs
4Oversaturation Kill Box
5Codename Paradise, Status MIA
Black Lagoon Season 3