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  • Blame!
  • BLAME!

Blame Anime Movie Plot Story

In The Distant Technological Future, Civilization Has Reached Its Final Network Form. In The Past, “infection” Has Driven Automated Systems Out Of Control, Resulting In A Multi-level City Structure That Is Endlessly Reproduced In All Directions. Now, Humanity Has Lost Access To The City’s Governing Bodies And Is Being Persecuted In Terms Of A Defense System Known As Defense. In The Village, A Group Known As The Electric Fishermen Are On The Brink Of Extinction, Trapped Between Security Threats And Dwindling Food Supplies.

A Girl Named Zuru Embarks On A Journey To Find Food For Her Village With A Group Of Friends, Only To Inadvertently Cause Doom When The Watchtower Discovers Her And Spawns A Protective Package To Destroy Them. With Her Comrades Dead And All Escape Routes Blocked, The Sudden Arrival Of Wanderer Killy, Eager To Find A Man With A Networked Finite Gene, Saves Her Along With Tae, Her Close Friend. Killy Returns To The Village, Where He Meets The Pope, The Village Chief, Who Takes An Interest In Him Upon Learning That He Is “6,000 Levels Below.” Killy Even Helps Solve The Food Problem In The Village By Giving Them Large Amounts Of Rations.

Suddenly, He Leaves For An Area Under A Village Called The Rotting Temple, And After Zuru And Te, He Finds The Spoiled Carcass Of Chibo, A Former Scientist Who Lived Before The Disaster. Chibo Reveals That She Has Built A Shield Generator That Protects The Village From The Guards, And Tells The Villagers That More Rations Can Be Made By Going To The Nearest “automated Factory”. Hearing Her Words, A Group Of Electric Anglers, Including Tae And Zura, Travel To An Automated Factory In Search Of A New Diet. Once There, Cibo Helps Get In The System And Produces Large Quantities Of Rations, Much To The Delight Of Electric Anglers.

However, Immediately After She Made The Car For Killy, The System Denies Her Entry Into The System And Begins Mass Production Of Fighters To Destroy The Electric Anglers. Chibo, Who Remakes Herself Using A Cyborg-shaped System, Leads The Villagers, Whose Arm Was Broken By Tae, To The Train Carriage And Escapes Back To The Village. During The Trip, Killy Passes Out While Trying To Rescue The Electric Fishermen. Upon Arriving In The Village, Residents Celebrate The Unexpected Amount Of Food, Mourning The Loss. During The Celebration, Chibo Secretly Wakes Killy With Only Zura As A Witness And Guides Him To The Shield Generator Using A Machine.

Heading Downhill, Tae Takes His Weapon To The Observatory Platform And Shoots At The Shield Generator, After Which It Is Revealed That The Real Tae Has Been Killed And Replaced By A Cyborg Representative Guarding The Factory. Sanakan, As She Now Calls Herself, Kills Most Of The Villagers, Deeming Them Illegal, While Destroying The Village At The Same Time. Killy, Realizing What Happened, Runs To The Village Himself. Chibo Quickly Descends The Stairs, Parks The Car Next To The Destroyed Shield Generator And Connects To It. Back Upstairs, Sanakan Kills The Villagers, But The Village Elders Frantically Lead The Rest Of The Villagers To The Top Of The Village, Where They Resist Her Using Their Remaining Weapons.

Killy Himself Engages In Battle With Sanakan, Who, Knocking Him Down, Notes That This Is The Body “stolen From The Guards.” Killy Rescued Zura At The Last Minute By Throwing A Pistol At Him; Which He Shoots And Destroys Sanakan, But Not Before Sanakan Destroys Chibo. Cibo, In Another Dimension, Pleads With The Authorities In Control Of The Guards To Release The Villagers. Unable To Do So, They Allow Her To Access A City Map That Shows An Abandoned Level, Safe From Defensive Controls, From Where Villagers Can Evacuate.

Chibo, Now Acting Through His Only Remaining Hand, Leads The Remaining Villagers To The Trans-level Wagon, But Immediately After The Villagers Get Inside, They Are Discovered By The Watchtower And Spawn A Giant Fighter. Killy Throws The Device That Protected Him From The Guards, Zuru, To Which He Says That He Still Wants To Find A Network Terminal Gene That Allows The Person To Control The Defense. Killy Seems To Be Sacrificing Himself So The Villagers Can Escape.

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