Bleach Is A Japanese Anime Television Series Based On The Manga Of The Same Name By Tite Kubo. It Was Produced By Studio Pierrot And Directed By Noriyuki Abe. The Series Aired On Tokyo Television From October 2004 To March 2012, Numbering 366 Episodes. The Story Follows Ichigo Kurosaki’s Adventures After He Received The Powers Of The Soul Reaper – The Personification Of Death, Similar To The Grim Reaper – From Another Reaper Of Souls, Rukia Kuchiki. His Newfound Abilities Lead Him To Take On The Responsibility Of Protecting People From Evil Spirits And Guiding Dead Souls Into The Afterlife. The Anime Adaptation Includes Original Storylines Not Found In The Manga, With Re-appearances And Stories Containing These Original Characters.


English Dub

Status – Completed

Episodes – 01 – 366

October 5, 2004 – March 27, 2012

The Anime Series Bleach Adapts Kubo’s Manga But Also Introduces Several Original, Stand-alone Story Arcs. In Karakura City, 15-year-old High School Student Ichigo Kurosaki Becomes A Substitute For Reaper Of Souls When Rukia Kuchiki, Reaper Of Souls, Is Unable To Perform His Duties After Battling A Particularly Powerful Hollow.

Initially Unwilling To Take On The Heavy Responsibility, He Begins To Eliminate Hollows Instead Of Rukia And During This Time Discovers That Some Of His Friends And Classmates Are Spiritually Aware And Have Their Own Powers: Uryu Ishida Is A Quincy Who Can Use Spirit Particles, Orihime Inoue Has A Group Guardian Spirits Known As Shun Shun Rikka, And Yasutora Sado (“Chad”) Has A Power Equal To That Of The Hollows, Enclosed In His Sturdy Right (and Sometimes Left) Hand.

When Rukia Is Sentenced To Death For His Transgressions In The Human World And Sent Back To The Spirit World Of Soul Society, Ichigo Seeks Help From Kisuke Urahara And Yoruichi Shihoin, Who Without His Knowledge Are Two Exiled Soul Reapers, In Order To Allow Himself And His Friends To Save Rukia.

After Ichigo And His Friends Fight Many Of The Soul Reapers, It Is Revealed That The High-ranking Soul Reaper Ssuke Aizen Framed Rukia For The Crime And Illegally Experimented With The Soul Reapers And The Voids. Aizen Plans To Take Over The Soul Society With The Help Of Hogyoku, A Legendary Substance That Can Turn Hollow Souls Into Half And Vice Versa, Significantly Increasing Their Strength. He Escapes To Hueco Mundo, The Realm Of The Hollows, And Later Kidnaps Orihime As She Is Instrumental In Creating Oken, A Force That Will Allow Him To Kill The Soul King, Ruler Of Soul Society.

After Being Trained By The Wizards, The Other Exiled Soul Reapers Who Were Unwilling To Participate In Aizen’s Experiments And Developed Hollow Abilities, Ichigo And His Friends Travel To Hueco Mundo To Save Orihime And The Entire World. An Encounter With Aizen’s Arrancar, Hollow, Endowed With The Powers Of A Soul Reaper, Led By An Elite Group Known As The Espada, Which Consists Of Ten Arrancar Of Exemplary Strength.

These Arrancar Are Called Espada And Are Mini-bosses, In Aizen’s Army They Serve As Commanders, And Each Has Its Own Factions Of Weaker Arrancar. Along With Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, And Kaname Tусsen, Espada As A Group Has Comparable Strength To The Captains Of The Soul Reapers Gotei 13 Soul Society. Finally Reaching Orihime, Aizen Reveals That Her Abduction Was A Distraction, Allowing Him To Take Over The City Of Karakura, As His Spiritual Energy Is What Oken Needs.

After Completing The Final Training With His Father Ishina, Another Exiled Soul Reaper, Ichigo And The Soul Reapers Confront Aizen, The Soul Reapers, Who Joined His Cause And His Most Powerful Falls, Resulting In Aizen’s Surrender And The Loss Of Ichigo Soul Reaper’s Powers As He Uses A Secret Technique To Seal Aizen Forever.

Nearly Two Years Later, Chad Reveals To Ichigo That He Found People Like Him, Known As Full-fledged People, In A Group Known As The Xcution. The Overlords Can Give Up Their Abilities In Order To Restore The Soul Reaper’s Powers, And They Plan To Do So For Ichigo, Who Also Begins To Use Submission. However, It Is A Ploy By Their Leader Kugo Ginjo, Plenipotentiary And Former Deputy Soul Reaper, To Steal Ichigo’s Powers In Order To Empower The Rest.

Ichigo Eventually Regains His Soul Reaper Abilities When He Finally Earns The Trust He Deserves From Soul Society. The Captains And Lieutenants Then Share Their Powers With Ichigo, Who Defeats Ginjo And The Other Xcution Members And Returns To His Duty To Defend The City Of Karakura, Proudly Acting As A Backup Soul Reaper.

Several Original Story Arcs Are Featured. The Season 4 Bond Arc Focuses On Spiritually Conscious Humans Who Are Immortal As Long As They Consume Souls. Their Leader Jin Kariya Seeks To Destroy Soul Society For The Constant Hunt For Bond, And He And Ichigo Fight For The Fate Of Soul Society. Another Storyline Is The Introduction Of Captain Shusuke Amagai Replacing Gin Ichimaru After He Joined Aizen In His Betrayal.

Amagai Wants To Avenge Commander Yamamoto For The Death Of His Father And Uses The Kasumioji Bakkoto Family’s Weapons In Her Plans. Ichigo Battles Amagai, Who Admits The Shame Of His Actions And Commits Suicide. The Third Original Arc Depicts The Evil Spirit Sword Muramasa, Who Has The Ability To Transform Himself And Other Spirit Swords Into Spirit Beings In Order To Take Revenge On The Soul Society For Imprisoning His Master Kogu Kuchiki.

After He Succeeds, He Is Tricked Into Turning Into A Monstrous Creature That Ichigo Defeats, But Not Before Muramasa Reveals That The Intention Was For The Reapers Of Souls And The Zealot To Communicate As Equals. The Fourth And Final Original Arc Includes An Event In Which Kagerosa Inaba Creates Modified Copies Of The Souls Of Many Gotei 13 Members By Placing Them In The Bodies Of Reigai. Inaba Sought To Capture Nozomi Kujo In Order To Merge With Her And Again Become Their Original Being, Oko Yushima. After The Merger, Yushima Sought To Destroy Soul Society.

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