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Blood-C Anime Plot In English

Blood-C takes place in an isolated rural town on the shores of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Saya Kisaragi is a priestess at a Shinto shrine run by her father Tadayoshi and an outwardly friendly and clumsy high school student Рher circle of friends includes neighbor and caf̩ owner Fumito Nanahara; school friends Yuka Amino, twins Nene and Nono Motoe, class president Itsuki Tomofusa, silent Shinichiro Tokizane; and school teacher Sai Kanako Tsutsutori.

But while living a normal school life during the day, Saya and her father spend the night protecting the village from Elder Burns, monsters that possess inanimate objects to stalk people and feed on their blood. Sai’s “sword art” skills allow her to defeat Elder Burns, but those who can speak accuse Sai and the people of violating the covenant dubbed “Shrovetide”. Saya also meets a talking dog who says she is here to grant someone’s wish, suffers from memory gaps, and suffers from headaches whenever she tries to remember.

Sai’s battles with the Burns elders become more desperate as they begin to attack during the day and Nene and Nono become casualties, leaving Sai deeply wounded. Shinichiro eventually learns of Sai’s burden and offers to help, but later kills himself. The attack on the Sai school results in everyone but Sai and Itsuki dying before Saya can kill the attacking Elder Bairn. Saya later realizes that only her class and their teacher Kanako were present at the school. With gaps in her memory and Elder Burns’ comments, she begins to question her identity and mission.

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After an attack that kills Shinichiro, Kanako asks to see Tadayoshi’s library, which contains information about Elder Burns. They discover the library is a fake, then Kanako confronts Saya with Nono, Nene, and Shinichiro alive before forcing her to drink the blood of Elder Berne. It is revealed that the entire population of the city, including those close to Saya, were participants in an experiment orchestrated by Fumito, and that Saya is actually Elder Burne in human form.

She swore not to kill humans and in turn hunted her own kind, but Fumito captured her and subjected her to an experiment. Saya was implanted with false memories of her past “human life”, all with the goal of seeing if her inner self could be changed so that the oath could be broken. Whenever Saya started to relapse and remember her past, Fumito used drugs and hypnosis to make her obedient again, and all the Burns Elders she encountered were controlled by Fumito with her blood. Kanako wanted to use Saya to prove Elder Burns’ existence by bribing Nono, Nene, and Shinichiro to help her.

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Fumito, Itsuki, and Yuka then confront them, with Fumito unleashing Elder Bairn, who brutally kills Nono, Nene, and Shinichiro for their betrayal. Saya saves Kanako from Elder Bairn by killing her, but Kanako then kills Tadayoshi, who turned out to be a hybrid of human and Elder Bairn, enraged by Sai’s overdose of blood given to Fumito. Saya – now back to her true self – is forced to kill Tadayoshi, and witnesses Fumito unleashing an artificial Elder Bairn that kills the town’s population before Saya kills him.

Fumito’s soldiers try to shoot Saya, but Itsuki sacrifices himself to save her as he has come to love her. Fumito and Yuka, who were involved in achieving political power with Fumito’s help, escape in a helicopter. When Saya tries to stop them, Fumito shoots her. While recuperating at the lakeside, Saya learns from a dog that her wish was to remain herself during Fumito’s experiment, and that she must now fulfill her next wish. Saya sets off in pursuit of Fumito.

Blood-C Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Kisaragi, Saya
  • Supporting Characters
    • Nanahara, Fumito
    • Dog
    • Motoe, Nene
    • Tokizane, Shinichirou
    • Motoe, Nono
    • Amino, Yuuka
    • Kisaragi, Tadayoshi
    • Tsutsutori, Kanako
    • Tomofusa, Itsuki

Blood-C Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title1O Ye Winds of Heaven2It Is for Thy Sake3As for Man4That Has Made Me Sad5Meeting in the Way6Dashed by Fierce Winds7As Pitiless As the Storm8Within the World9Against My Wish10Since ‘Tis by Its Breath11Whom Then Are There Now12If Remembering MeBlood-C Anime Episodes

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