Blood+ (Blood Plus)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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Blood+ Anime Plot Story In English

Saya Otonashi Is A Seemingly Ordinary Girl Living A Mundane Life With Her Adoptive Family In Okinawa City. In Fact, Her Only Traits Are Anemia And An Inability To Remember Anything From Her Life Outside Of The Past Year.

However, Sai’s Forgotten Past Quickly Returns To Haunt Her – One Night At School She Was Attacked By A Creature Feeding On Human Blood. When All Hope Seems To Be Lost, A Mysterious Man Named Haji Appears And Temporarily Repels The Creature.

But When Her Savior Forces Her To Drink His Blood, Saya Suddenly Goes Into A Trance And Easily Kills The Monster, Using Her Blood As A Catalyst.

Saya Then Learns Of An Organization Called The Red Shield, Founded With The Sole Purpose Of Defeating The Infernal Beasts. Now Saya And Haji Must Work Together With The Red Shield To Fight These Formidable Monsters And Uncover The Secrets Of The Girl’s Past.

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