Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

English Dub

Status – Completed

Episodes – 01 – 13

October 5, 2018 – December 28, 2018


High School Freshman Yuu Koito Unexpectedly Receives Recognition From A Classmate And Rejects It, Not Knowing How To Relate To Such Things. She Later Sees Student Council Member Toko Nanami Refusing To Admit Herself, And Becomes Convinced That Toko’s Situation May Be Similar To Her Own. After Talking With Toko, They Begin To Get Closer Due To Their Similarities. To Yuu’s Surprise, Toko Suddenly Confesses His Feelings To Her. Yuu Doesn’t Know What To Say, But Toko Brushes It Off, Telling Yuu That She Would Be Very Happy If Yuu Didn’t Fall In Love With Her In Return. Yuu Agrees.

Toko Announces That She Will Run For Student Council President And Asks Yuu To Become Her Campaign Manager. To The Horror Of Toko’s Best Friend Sayaka Saeki, Yuu Accepts The Role. Although Both She And Toko Are Very Nervous, Yuu Delivers A Powerful Campaign Speech On Election Day While Announcing His Decision To Join The Student Council, Which Resulted In Toko Winning The Election.

As President, Toko Announces His Intention To Revive The Student Council Play, Which Has Not Been Staged For Seven Years. When The Student Council Is Looking For Someone To Write The Script For The Play, Yuu Thinks Her Friend Koyomi Kano Could Write It, But Does Not Mention It, Wishing Toko To Forget About Staging The Play. However, Sayaka Tells Yuu To Ask Koyomi To Write The Script And Look At The Student Council President Seven Years Ago. Yuu Subsequently Learns That Toko’s Older Sister Mio Was The Student Council President Seven Years Ago And Directed The Play When She Died In A Traffic Accident Ahead Of The Premiere. Yuu Realizes That Toko Wants To Stage The Play Instead Of His Sister And Tries To Convince Toko That It Is Not Necessary, But Toko Coldly Refuses.

The Production Of The Play Continues And Koyomi Finishes The Draft. The Story Tells Of A Girl With Amnesia, Who Must Choose Who Sees Her True Self, With An Initial Ending In Which The Girl Decides To Be With Her Lover. When The Student Council Organizes A Boot Camp To Rehearse A Play, Professional Actor Tomoyuki Ichigaya, A Former Classmate Of Mio’s, Is Invited To The Rehearsal. Toko Asks Him About Her Sister And Learns That Mio Was A Very Different Person Than She Is Now, Which Causes Her To Conflict. Concerned Yuu Forces Koyomi To Change The Ending So That The Main Character Decides To Be Himself And Not Correspond To The Point Of View Of A Particular Person, Believing That This Will Help Toko Come To Terms With Himself. When A Play Is Played Out At A Cultural Festival, The Audience Welcomes Toko’s Story And Performance, And Toko Is Approached By The Manager Of A Local Theater Company, Inviting Her To Join Them And Become An Actress. At First She Refuses, But Eventually Reconsiders And Accepts.

Toko Again Thanks Yuu For Her Support And Reiterates Her Wish For Yuu To Stay With Her As She Is. However, Yuu Gradually Begins To Reconsider His Feelings For Toko And Suddenly Confesses His Love. She Misinterprets Toko’s Shocked Response As Refusal And Runs Away, Making Toko Realize That She Was Pushing Too Hard On Yuu. Meanwhile, Sayaka Talks To Cafe Owner Miyako Kodama, With Whom She Shares Her Romantic Feelings For Toko. When The Sophomores Travel To Kyoto, Toko Officially Recognizes Sayaka. Toko Is Somewhat Surprised, But Eventually Rejects Sayaka, Acknowledging Her Love For Yuu. Despite Her Depression, Sayaka Accepts This. Elsewhere, Yuu Realizes That He Is Running Away From His Problems. Upon Toko’s Return, The Two Reconcile, And Yuu, For The First Time, Openly Reciprocates Toko’s Feelings.

Over Time, Yuu And Toko Meet In Different Places And Gradually Become More Emotionally And Physically Closer To Each Other. This Culminates When They Play Bowling Together On The Condition That The One Who Wins Can Ask The Other For Something. Yuu Wins And Asks To Spend The Night At Toko’s House. Toko Agrees, Admitting That She Wanted To Arrange It Too. On This Day, Yuu Comes To Toko’s Apartment, Where They Spend The Evening Together. To Toko’s Surprise, Yuu Approaches Her And They Have Sex.

A Few Years Later, Yuu And Toko Graduated From High School, Went To College And Are Now Engaged. They Reunite With Former Student Councilors To Attend A Cultural Festival At Their Old High School. When Yuu And Toko Remember How Their Relationship Began And Reflect On Their New Adult Life, They Melt Into The Night.

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