Blue Thermal

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Blue Thermal
  • Blue Thermal: Aonagi Daigaku Taiiku-kai Kōkū-bu
  • Burū Sāmaru: Aonagi Daigaku Taiiku-kai Kōkū-bu
  • Blue Thermal: Aonagi College Sports Festival Aviation Club
  • ブルーサーマル -青凪大学体育会航空部-

Blue Thermal Anime Plot Story

Tamaki Tsuru, a freshman at Aonagi University, played volleyball too hard when she was in high school. After being romantically rejected for being an athletic girl, she joined the college tennis club to be less athletic. She once accidentally hit Daisuke with a tennis ball while he was transporting a glider, damaging it. Tamaki was charged with the repair cost of two million yen, but since she could not pay that amount, she joins the sports association’s aviation club as an assistant.

Blue Thermal Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Soraichi, Daisuke
    • Kuramochi, Jun
    • Tsuru, Tamaki
  • Supporting Characters
    • Nanba, Ryouhei
    • Narihara, Eita
    • Yano, Chizuru
    • Reporter
    • Aonagi University’s Aviation Department Director
    • Muroi, Yukari
    • Asahina, You
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