Btooom !

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Btooom!

Btooom Anime Plot Story

Ryuta Sakamoto, A 22-year-old Unemployed Person, Lives With His Mother, Yukie. He Is One Of The Best Fighting Video Game Players In The World Called Btooom! One Day He Wakes Up On What Appears To Be A Tropical Island, Although He Does Not Remember How And Why He Was Brought There. Wandering Around The Neighborhood, Ryuta Sees Someone And Calls For Help.

The Stranger Throws A Bomb At Him In Response. Ryuta Soon Realizes That His Life Is In Danger And That He Has Somehow Become Trapped In The Real Version Of His Favorite Game. In The Game, Ryota Meets Himiko, Another Btooom! The Player Is Ryota’s In-game Wife.

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As The Series Progresses During Iida’s Investigations With Government Agents Such As Matthew Persier And With The Help Of Ryota’s Stepfather And Step-uncle Hisanobu And Mitamura, It Is Revealed That The Developer Of Btooom !, Tyrannos Japan, Had Ties To A Terrorist Organization Called Schwaritz. Foundation, In An Attempt To Use Players As Test Subjects To Conquer The World And Get Rid Of Evidence Of The Crimes They Have Uncovered They Are Currently Committing.

Btooom Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Sakamoto, Ryouta
    • Himiko
  • Supporting Characters
    • Kira, Kousuke
    • Taira, Kiyoshi
    • Oda, Nobutaka
    • Date, Masahito
    • Natsume, Souichi
    • Akechi, Mitsuo
    • Kinoshita, Hidemi
    • Miyamoto, Masashi
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Btooom Season 2

All Of The Manga Series Are Pretty Well Known. Btooom Is Also One Of The Popular Japanese Mangas. The Series Is Written And Illustrated By Junya Inoue. And In 2009, The Series Was First Published In Weekly Comic Bunch, But Later The Publication Moved To Monthly Comic Bunch.

And By 2018, Chapters Were In 26 Tankonon Volumes. The First 50 Chapters Were Released By Madhouse As Anime Series. From October 4, 2012, To December 20, 2012, The Series Aired In Japan On Tokyo Mx. The Series Was Later Aired On Crunchyroll With English Subtitles.

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In North America, Yen Press Licensed This English-language Manga Series. And Sentai Filmwork Licensed The Anime Series In North America For English Release.

Btooom Season 2 Release Date

The First Season Of The Sci-fi Anime Btooom Was Released In 2012, While The Second Season Of Btooom Has Yet To Be Approved For 8-9 Years. Btooom Season 1 Was Quite Popular And Has Two Endings. And After That, Fans Like You And Me Are Waiting For The Second Season.

It Is Not Yet Known When The Btooom Season Will Begin. But We Assume That This Will Happen Between 2021 And 2022. Until Then, If You Haven’t Watched The First Season Of This Anime, Go And Watch Crunchyroll And Amazon Prime Now.