Cutie Honey Universe

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Cutie Honey Universe

Cutie Honey Universe Adult Anime Plot In English

The Forces Of Evil Are Growing. When The Evil Mastermind Sister Jill Transforms One Of Her Girls Into A Monstrous Talon And Sends Her Minions On A Mission That Involves The Panther Talon Gang And Robbing A Jewelry Store, Hani Kisaragi Leaves Her Catholic Girls’ School To Confront The Threat As Cutie Honey.

But This Is Exactly What Sister Jill Wants As She Needs A Honey Side Fixing Device That Allows Her To Transform Into Seven Different Forms Of Honey. Meanwhile, Sister Jill Is Also At The Scene, Disguised As Inspector Genet, Trying To Infiltrate Honey’s Trust From A Different Angle.

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