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D.Gray-man Anime Plot In English

The central character is Allen Walker, a Black Order recruit who began training to control his Innocence after it destroyed his late guardian Mana’s Akuma. The story begins with a fashion week villain where Allen teams up with various members of the Black Order to find Innocence, fighting Noah’s demons along the way.

Later, Allen and his friends are ordered to track down exorcist General Cross Marian, Allen’s missing teacher. Their search culminates in them stealing one of Noah’s vehicles, called Noah’s Ark; this was made possible by Allen being implanted with the consciousness of Nea D. Campbell, Mana’s brother and the exiled 14th member of Noah’s family, whom the Count desires to bring back.

Cross reveals that Nea plans to use Allen as a host after being reincarnated, eventually effectively erasing Allen. During the Third Exorcist Uprising story arc, Nea’s consciousness begins to force Allen’s body out. Now being hunted by the Black Order, the Noah Family, and a humanoid Innocence named Apocryphos, Allen goes into hiding in search of a way to end Nea’s resurrection.

During his journey, he realizes that his late guardian Mana, along with Nea, has a strong bond with the Millennium Earl. He then decides to go to the place where Mana and Nea grew up to learn the truth about them and their connection to the Count. After escaping, Allen is hunted down by the Black Order, Apocrypha, and Noah.

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When Apocrypha is distracted by Noah, the Count finds Allen possessed by Nea. During this meeting, the current Earl is revealed to be Mana D. Campbell, Nea’s brother. Both were once the original Millennium Earls, but split and became enemies.

D.Gray-man Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Walker, Allen
    • Lavi
    • Kanda, Yuu
    • Lee, Lenalee
  • Supporting Characters
    • Mikk, Tyki
    • Kamelot, Road
    • Marian, Cross
    • Crowley III, Aleister
    • Millennium Earl
    • Lee, Komui

D.Gray-man Anime Episodes

D.Gray-man Season – 01

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1The Boy Who Hunts Akuma
2The Black Order
3The Ghost of Martel
4Old Man of the Soil and a Lonely Night’s Aria
5Let Me Hear the Lullaby
6That Which Calls Forth Disaster
7Tombstone of Memories
8The Black Order Annihilation Incident
9The Rewinding Town
10The Bad Luck Woman’s Innocence
11Miranda Lotto’s Feelings
12And Snow Falls Over the Town
13With the Coat
14The Leaf of Revival
15Beyond the Snowstorm
16Millennium Swordsman
17Pride of the Swordsman
18Lenalee’s Love
19Vampire of the Solitary Castle
20Go for it, Exorcists!
21Krory Attacks
22The Truth about Eliade
23The Vampire Whom I Loved
24Krory’s New Beginning
25The General’s Chains
26The Beginning of the End
D.Gray-man Season – 01

D.Gray-man Season – 02

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1My Mentor, General Cross
2Exorcist Krory
3The One Who Sells Souls, Part 1
4The One Who Sells Souls, Part 2
5Lost Miranda
6Mysterious Ghost Ship
7The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 1
8The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 2
9Exorcist Clad in Wind
10Shroud of Darkness
11Charity Bell
12Froi Tiedoll
13Silent Coffins
14Requiem Rose
15A New Assassin
16The Black Cat’s Traps
17The Wandering Stone Statue
18Iron Fan Maid
19Strange Mansion
20Illusions in the Snow
21The Crystal Girl
22Wavering Accommodator
23Lulu Bell’s Bell
24Feelings of Devotion
25Set Sail, to the East
D.Gray-man Season – 02

D.Gray-man Season – 03

Sl. NoEpisode Title
2Fallen One
3The Beginning of the Night of the End
4A Scream
6Loss and Reunion
7Asian Branch
8The Road of the Pledged
10Sinking Darkness
11Maiden Who Has Fallen into Darkness
12Ship Stalled, Girl Remains Absent
15Confusion and Impatience
16Heading to Edo
19God’s Clown
20The Name Chronicled
21Showdown in the Capital
22Kanda Joins the Battle
23Edo Annihilated
24Clown and Auguste
25A Key and Noah’s Doors
26The Skinn Bolic Room
D.Gray-man Season – 03

D.Gray-man Season – 04

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Forbidden Skill, Sangen Style
2Noah’s Memory
3The Twins’ Trap
4Debt Crisis
5Bad Game
6Jasdevi Enters the Scene
7Bloody Krory
8Dark-Colored Rhapsody
9Weak Humans
10Transcendent One
12Voice of Darkness
13Black Carnival
15Shadow of the Player
18Lamb and Dog
19Still the Clock Ticks
20Attack on Headquarters
21The Power of Generals
22The Noah of Lust
23Level 4
24To the God I Hate So Much
25The Promise
26Echoes in the Long Morning
D.Gray-man Season – 04

D.Gray-man Hallow Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1The 14th
2Lonely Boy
3I’ll Be Okay After I Wash My Face
4Blood Crusade
5Alma Karma
7The Truth about a Sterile Flower
9Little Goodbyes
10Sinner in Despair
11The Hidden One
12My Home
D.Gray-man Hallow Anime Episodes

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