Deemo Memorial Keys


  • Deemo: Memorial Keys
  • Deemo Movie: Sakura no Oto – Anata no Kanadeta Oto ga, Ima mo Hibiku
  • DEEMO サクラノオト -あなたの奏でた音が、今も響く-

Deemo Memorial Keys Movie Plot

Chief Demo is a mysterious, lonely character who plays the piano in the castle. One day, Alice (Ayana Taketatsu), a girl who has lost her memory, falls from the sky, setting off a “tender, ephemeral love story” concocted by Demo, the girl, the inhabitants of the castle, and a growing tree. with piano sound.

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Deemo Memorial Keys Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Deemo
    • Alice
  • Supporting Characters
    • Sania
    • Mirai
    • Hans
    • Rosalia
    • Masked Lady
    • Nutcracker
    • Fragrant Sachet

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