DevilMan Crybaby

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DevilMan Crybaby Plot Story

High School Student Akira Fudo Lives With Her Only Friend And Longtime Admirer Miki Makimura, Her Younger Brother Taro (an Elementary School Student), And Their Parents Noel And Akiko. When Akira Tries To Protect Miki From A Gang Led By Rapper Wamu, He Is Saved By His Childhood Friend Ryo Asuka.

Ryo Tells Akira That His Recent Expedition To The Amazon Rainforest Revealed The Existence Of Demons, But The Governments Of The World Are Withholding This Information.

Planning To Expose The Demons, Ryo Takes Akira To An Underground Nightclub, He Attacks His Patrons With A Broken Bottle, Causing Demons To Appear. Ryo Takes Pictures Of Demons Killing People, But He Is Attacked By A Demon.

Akira’s Will Defeats Amon, A Powerful Demon Who Tries To Take Possession Of Him, Transforming Him Into The Form Of The Demon Amon And Allowing Him To Kill Demons.

Ryo And Akira Fight Several Demons, Including Amon’s Beloved Silenus, Her Companion Kaim, And The Sadist Jinman Responsible For The Death Of Akira’s Parents. Akira And Ryo’s Friendship Becomes Tense Over Time Due To Ryo’s Tremendous Efforts To Protect Akira’s Secret.

Ryo Eventually Reveals On Tv That The Star Of The Track, Moyuru Koda, Is A Demon. The Discovery Of The Existence Of Demons Causes Global Panic, Forcing Humanity To Rebel Against Itself, While Demons Begin To Take Over People En Masse.

Frustrated By Ryo’s Apathy For The Chaos He Has Caused, Akira, Along With Koda And Another Devil Miki “Miko” Kuroda, Begins To Search For Other Demon People On Their Own. As Tokyo Plunges Into Chaos, Mika’s Family Falls Victim To The Police And Is Buried By Akira Outside The City.

Confused By His Actions, Ryo Returns To The Amazon Rainforest. Upon Their Return, Replies Lies About The Demons’ Origins During A Worldwide Broadcast And Shows Footage In Which Akira Transforms Into A Demon Man And The World Plunges Into Massive Violence And Genocide.

After Using Social Media To Protect Akira, Miki And Her Friends Were Brutally Murdered By A Paranoid Mob Who Believed Them To Be Demons. Akira Kills The Crowd In Retaliation After Witnessing Them Marching With The Dismembered Bodies Of His Friends On Sticks.

Akira Soon Confronts Ryo, Who Reveals That He Is The Fallen Angel Satan. Satan Discovered Demons Living On Earth After Being Cast Out Of Heaven, And Although His Body And Demons Were Destroyed By God, Their Souls Were Physically Destroyed.

After Incarnating In Ra, Satan Explains That He Intends To Destroy Humanity For Desecrating The World, He Made Akira A Human Demon To Allow Him To Survive In The World To Come, And To Thank Him For Being By His Side When He Was Human.

Akira Refuses To Join Satan’s Cause And Gathers Other Demons To Fight Satan’s Army But Is Defeated. When Humanity Was Destroyed And The Earth Turned Into Devastated Ruins, Satan Remembers With Akira Until He Realizes That Akira Has Already Died.

After Killing The Only Person He Has Ever Loved, Satan Is Overwhelmed With Emotion. He Lulls Akira’s Lifeless Body As A Descending Army Of Angels Destroys And Reforms The Earth.

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