Doraemon Nobita’s Little Star Wars

  • Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021
  • Doraemon: Nobita no Ritoru Sutā Wōzu 2021
  • ドラえもん: のび太の 宇宙小戦争 2021

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Star Wars Movie

One day, Nobita picks up a small rocket, from which comes a small humanoid alien named Papi. He comes to Earth from the planet Pirika to escape the evil army of the PCIA.

At first, Doraemon and his friends are confused by Papi’s small size, but with the help of the Little Light gadget, they shrink down and play together.

However, a whale-shaped battleship that had been chasing Papi arrives on Earth and attacks them. Papi blames himself for getting everyone involved, but tries to fight the PCIA army.

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In order to protect Papi and his planet, Doraemon and his friends travel to Pirika.

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Star Wars Character

  • Characters
    • Doraemon
    • Nobita Nobi
    • Shizuka Minamoto
    • Suneo Honekawa
    • Takeshi ‘Gian’ Goda
    • Papi
    • Piina
    • Rokoroko
    • Dorakoruru
    • Gilmore
    • Underground leader
    • Pilot
    • Tamako Nobi
    • Shizuka’s Mama
    • Hidetoshi Dekisugi

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