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  • Dororo
  • どろろ

Dororo Anime Plot

The Land Of The Greedy Samurai Lord Daigo Kagemitsu Is Dying, And He Is Ready To Do Anything For The Sake Of Power, Even Renounce The Buddha And Conclude An Agreement With The Demons. His Prayers Are Answered By 12 Demons Who Give Him The Strength He Desires, Promoting The Growth Of His Prefecture, But For A Fee.

When The First Son, Kagemitsu, Is Born, The Boy Has No Limbs, No Nose, No Eyes, No Ears, Not Even Skin, But Nevertheless, He Is Alive.

This Child Was Thrown Into The River And Forgotten. But, As Luck Would Have It, He Is Rescued By A Witch Doctor Who Supplies Him With Prostheses And Weapons, Allowing Him To Survive And Take Care Of Himself. The Boy Lives And Grows, And Although He Sees Nothing, Does Not Hear Or Feel, He Must Defeat The Demons Who Took Him As A Sacrifice.

With The Death Of Each, He Regains A Part Of Himself That Rightfully Belongs To Him. He Wanders Alone For Many Years, Until One Day The Orphan Dororo Befriends Him. The Unlikely Couple, Shipwrecked, Now Struggle For Their Survival And Humanity In An Unforgiving, Demon-infested World.

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