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Anime Plot Story

Beginning in April 5738 AD, it has been over 3,700 years since a mysterious outbreak of fossilization fossilized nearly all human life. A 15-year-old genius named Senku Ishigami is suddenly reborn and finds himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have been erased by time. Senku sets up a base camp and begins to study the fossilized people to determine the cause of the event, as well as the treatment.

Over the next 6 months, Senku’s friend Taiju Oki wakes up and Senku learns that their revival was made possible by nitric acid. Through this discovery, they have established a bond that will allow them to instantly revive others. They begin by reviving a renowned martial artist named Tsukasa Shishio and their classmate Yuzurihi Ogawa with the goal of rebuilding civilization with a focus on science.

Tsukasa ultimately reveals that he opposes Senku’s idea of ​​forming a new scientific civilization, believing that the old world was corrupted and should not be rebuilt. Instead, he wants to establish a new world order based on strength and power, going so far as to destroy all petrified adults he meets so as not to let them interfere with his goals.

While pulling the Rebirth compound from Senku, Tsukasa attempts to kill him when he realizes that Senku knows how to create a weapon he cannot defend against. Believing he has successfully killed Senku, Tsukasa leaves to begin creating his own faction in the Stone World.

After recovering from the near-death experience, Senku discovers a tribe of people already living on the planet and sees this as an opportunity to create his Kingdom of Science. These people are initially hesitant but eventually, learn about the benefits that science can bring to their survival.

Over time, the tribe increasingly trusts Senku, and he eventually learns of their past when he discovers that the village was founded by his adoptive father Byakuya, along with five other astronauts who were not affected by their time on the International Space Station during the event. petrification.

Together with its new allies and friends, the Senku Science Kingdom goes to war with the Tsukasa Empire, ultimately defeating and claiming to be a force to be reckoned with.

After the victory, they discover that Senku’s adoptive father left behind precious metals that can be used as catalysts for the mass production of the revival fluid on a nearby island, now inhabited by a tribe known as the Petrification Kingdom, which possesses a device used to petrify. the world is so long ago

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