Dragon Quest Your Story (Doragon Kuesuto Yua Sutōrī)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Dragon Quest : Your Story
  • Doragon Kuesuto Yua Sutōrī
  • ドラゴンクエスト ユア・ストーリー

Dragon Quest Anime Movie Plot Story

The Story Begins With Luka’s Birth, After Which He And His Father Pankraz Leave Gotha To Travel The World In Order To Avenge The Boy’s Mother, Mada, Who Was Kidnapped By Monsters. During His Childhood Travels, Luca Meets Bianca, While Simultaneously Receiving Both The Golden Ball And The Saber-toothed Cub, Which He Calls Purrsi. While Visiting Coburg Castle, Luca Witnesses The Abduction Of Prince Harry By Monsters Serving Bishop Laage And Accompanies His Father To Rescue The Prince.

But Pankraza Kills Laj, Using His Last Moments To Show Luka That His Mother Is Still Alive. The Boys Are Then Enslaved By Laji’s Monsters Before Escaping As Adults After Ten Years Of Working On The Giant Temple With The Help Of Dr. Agon. Harry Returns To Coburg And Breaks Up With Luca, Promising To Repay Him For Trying To Save Pancraz. After Reuniting With A Fully Grown Purrsi And His Father’s Servant Sancho, Joined By A Slime He Named Gotruda, Luka Learns That Pankraz Mistook Him For A Legendary Hero Destined To Stop Laya.

Luka Also Learns That Laya Has Kidnapped Mada, Since Her Zenith Descent Is Necessary For The Ritual Of Opening A Portal To The Demon World. The Anti-aircraft Sword That Luca Needs Is Located In The City Of Mostroferrato And Belongs To A Wealthy Nobleman, Rodrigo Briscoletti. But The City Is Terrorized By Björn Begemus, Who Stole The Sword, And Briscoletti Extends The Hand Of His Daughter Nera To The One Who Defeats Björn. Luca Manages To Defeat The Monster With Bianca’s Help And Spare Björn When He Obeys. Through Luka, It Is Revealed That He Is Not A Legendary Hero, He Is Betrothed To Nera, Until A Meeting With A Witch Disguised As Nehru Convinces Him To Confess His Feelings For Bianca.

After The Two Are Married And Have A Son, They Are Attacked By Monsters When Ladja Kidnaps Bianca, Turning Luca To Stone. Laha Brings Bianca To Her Temple, Revealing That She Is Zenith Before Turning Her To Stone When She Refuses To Help Him Convince Mada To Teach Her A Spell That Opens A Portal. Eight Years Later, The Hero Was Resurrected By His Son Alus, Who Turned Out To Be The Legendary Hero That Pankraz Was Looking For. The Group Searches For An Anti-aircraft Dragon, Which Turns Out To Be Dr. Agon, Who Needs His Golden Orb To Bring Them To The Laya Temple. Luka Learns That The Remains Of His Golden Ball Were Fake When Agon Sends Him To The Fairies, Who Send Him Back In Time To Retrieve The Real Golden Ball From His Childhood And Replace It With A Fake.

The Final Battle Soon Begins When Luka Is Joined By Björn And Harry’s Army As He Finally Avenges His Father, But The Dying Woman Receives The Spell Needed To Open The Portal. As Alus Closes The Portal, Reality Is Suddenly Distorted By What Is Believed To Be The Great Master Of Nimzo. The Creature Explains That It Is A Computer Virus Installed By The Hacker In Place Of The Real Nimzo, Revealing To Luka That He Is Playing A Virtual Simulation Of Dragon Quest V While Continuing To Delete Everything.

The Virus Then Sends Luka Back To Reality, Only Due To Luka’s Recovered Memories From The Real World And His Passion For Finding The Dragon, Which Allows Him To Resist. Gotruda Is Then Revealed As The Game’s Antivirus Program And Gives Luka The Means To Destroy The Virus And Restore The Game In The Form Of A Sword Belonging To Dragon Quest Character Erdrik. The Game Ends When Luka’s Group Arrives In Gotha, And Luka Intends To Keep This Version Of The Game In His Heart. While Looking At The Fireworks From Gotha, Bianca Playfully Hits Him, And Luka Notes That He Did Feel Pain.

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