Dragonar Academy

Dragonar Academy is a Japanese novel series written by Shiki Mizuchi, illustrated by Kohada Shimesaba and published by Media Factory under M.F. Bunko J.

Dragonar Academy

Dragonar Academy

English Dub

Episodes – 01 – 12

Status – Completed

April 5, 2014 – June 21, 2014


On the continent of Arc Strada, civilians called Breeders raise and train their fellow dragons, who are linked to the Breeders by a magical link called the Astral Current. The dragon races are born from breeders who are considered worthy and are marked by Seikoku at a young age by the Dragon Mother in the Orphan Rite. Breeders may eventually achieve the rank of nobility by helping their buddy become a maestro or sacred dragon.

Learning to ride and train dragons is easy for most Ansarivan Dragonar Academy students, with the exception of Ash Blake, a freshman whom classmates call a “problem kid.” Despite the fact that Ash has an unusually large seikoku, which marks him as a future dragon master, his buddy has never appeared until now.

Summoning a fellow student, Princess Sylvia Lautréamont, to take part in the dragon race, Ash’s dragon appears, but in a form different from any dragon that has ever been seen before – a beautiful girl. Ash calls her “Eco” and soon discovers that this new dragon has spare parts as she immediately informs him that she is the master and he is her servant. Ash’s dragon riding problems have just begun.

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