Elfen Lied

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Elfen Lied
  • Erufen Rīto

Elfen Lied Anime Plot In English

Lucy Is A Special Breed Of People Called The Diclonius, Born With A Pair Of Short Horns And Invisible Telekinetic Arms, Making Her A Victim Of Inhuman Scientific Experiments By The Government.

However, As Soon As Circumstances Give Her The Opportunity To Escape, Lucy, Tainted By Imprisonment And Torture, Releases A Stream Of Blood, Fleeing Her Captors.

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During A Breakdown, She Receives A Severe Head Injury, As A Result Of Which She Has A Split Personality: A Person With A Harmless Child’s Psyche With Limited Speech Ability.

In This State Of Instability, She Stumbles Upon Two College Students, Kota And His Cousin Yuka, Who Unknowingly Take The Injured Fugitive Into Their Care, Unaware Of Her Murderous Tendencies.

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This Good Deed Will Change Their Lives, As They Will Soon Find Themselves Drawn Into The Dark World Of State Secrets And Conspiracies.