Ensemble Stars!

  • Ensemble Stars!
  • Ansanburu Sutāzu!
  • あんさんぶるスターズ!

Ensemble Stars Anime Plot Story

Yumenosaki Academy has been home to the best boy idols of different generations. With a huge impact on the school, its student council maintains the status quo by imposing old traditions with an iron fist.

Transfer student Anzu becomes the very first participant in the production course, making her the only student in the entire school. There, she meets Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka, Mao Isara, and Makoto Yuki, her classmates and members of the idol group Trickstar.

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The academy hosts Dream Idol Festivals, stage battles in which students’ singing and dancing skills pit against each other, and the audience votes for the winner. Winning these “DreFes” guarantees members of an idol group various privileges and prestige.

However, when the student council intervened and punished everyone involved in the unauthorized DreFes, the members of Trickstar find that they can no longer sit back and let this continue. With Anzu as their producer, they plot to become revolutionaries of the academy.

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Ensemble Stars! Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Isara, Mao
    • Akehoshi, Subaru
    • Hidaka, Hokuto
    • Yuuki, Makoto
    • Anzu
  • Supporting Characters
    • Kagehira, Mika
    • Sakuma, Rei
    • Sakuma, Ritsu
    • Tsukinaga, Leo
    • Sena, Izumi

Ensemble Stars Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Name
1New Wind
5Marionette (Part 1)
6Marionette (Part 2)
10Element (Part 1)
11Element (Part 2)
14Tanbata (Part 1)
15Tanbata (Part 2)
16Summer Concert (Part 1)
17Summer Concert (Part 2)
19Autumn Live (Part 1)
20Autumn Live (Part 2)
21Halloween Party
22Starlight Festival
Ensemble Stars! Episodes

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