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Fairy Tail Is A Japanese Manga Series Written And Illustrated By Hiro Mashima. From August 2006 To July 2017, It Was Published In The Weekly Kodansha’s Shōnen Magazine, With Individual Chapters Collected And Published In 63 Volumes Of Tankobons. The Story Follows The Adventures Of Natsu Dragneel, A Member Of The Popular Wizards Guild Fairy Tail, As He Searches For The Dragon Igneel In The Fictional Earth-earth World.

The Manga Was Adapted Into An Anime Series Produced By A-1 Pictures, Dentsu Inc., Satelight, Bridge And Cloverworks, Which Aired In Japan On Tokyo Television From October 2009 To March 2013. The Second Series Aired From April 2014 To March 2016. The Third And Final Series Aired From October 2018 To September 2019.

fairy tail

Fairy Tail

English Dub

Status – Completed

Episodes – 01 – 328

October 12, 2009 – September 29, 2019

The Series Has Also Inspired Many Manga Spin-offs, Including Mashima’s Prequel, Fairy Tail Zero, And Its Storyboard Sequel, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Of Quest. In Addition, A-1 Pictures Has Developed Nine Original Video Animations And Two Full-length Animated Films.

The Manga Series Was Originally Licensed For Release In English In North America By Del Rey Manga, Which Began Issuing Individual Volumes In March 2008 And Ended Licensing With Volume 12 In September 2010. In December 2010, Kodansha Usa Took Over The Management Of The Series’ North American Release. The Animax Asia Network In Southeast Asia Aired The English-language Version Of The Anime For Seven Seasons From 2010 To 2015.

The Manga Has Also Been Licensed In The United Kingdom By Turnaround Publisher Services And In Australia By Penguin Books Australia. The Anime Is Licensed By Funimation For English Release In North America. As Of February 2020, 72 Million Copies Of Fairy Tail Have Been Printed.


The Earth-earth World Is Home To Numerous Guilds, Where Wizards Use Their Magic To Obtain Paid Work. Natsu Dragneel, The Dragon Slayer Wizard Of The Fairy Tail Guild, Investigates The Kingdom Of Fiore In Search Of His Missing Adoptive Father, The Dragon Igneel. During His Journey, He Befriends A Young Heavenly Sorceress Named Lucy Heartfilia And Invites Her To Join Fairy Tail.

Lucy Forms A Team With Natsu And His Cat-like Partner Ixid Happy, Who Is Joined By Other Guild Members: Gray Fullbuster, The Ice Wizard; Erza Scarlet, Magic Knight; And Wendy Marvell And Karla, Another Dragon Slayer Duo And Exid. The Team Embarks On Many Missions Together, Including The Subjugation Of Criminals, Illegal Dark Guilds, And Ancient Aetherial Demons Created By Zeref, A Wizard Cursed With Immortality And Deadly Force.

After Several Adventures, Natsu And His Comrades Find Zeref Living In Isolation In The Sacred Land Of Fairy Tail On The Island Of Sirius, Where He Expresses A Desire To Die For The Atrocities He Has Committed. The Battle For Zeref Takes Place Between Fairy Tail And The Dark Guild Grimoire Heart, Which Attracts The Attention Of The Evil Black Dragon Acnologia. The Fairy Tail Wizards Survive Acnologia’s Attack When The Spirit Of Their Guild Founder And Zeref’s Estranged Lover, Mavis Vermilion, Casts A Protective Fairy Orb Spell That Places Them On A Seven-year Suspension Of Life.

Fairy Tail Later Wages A War Against The Aetherian Dark Guild Of Tartaros, Which Seeks To Print A Book Believed To Contain E.n.d., Zeref’s Main Demon. When Acnologia Returns To Destroy Both Guilds, Igneel, Who Is Revealed To Have Sealed Himself Inside Natsu, Goes To Battle Acnologia, Only To Be Killed In Front Of A Helpless Natsu, Who Embarks On A Training Journey To Avenge Igneel.

After Natsu Returns A Year Later, Fiore Is Invaded By The Alvarez Empire, A Military Nation Ruled By Zeref, Who Intends To Obtain The Fairy Heart, A Source Of Infinite Magical Power Trapped In The Equally Cursed Body Of Mavis, Which Is Kept Under The Fairy Tail Guild Hall. During His Battle With Zeref, Natsu Learns That He Is Zeref’s Younger Brother And The Real Incarnation Of E.n.d. (Aetherius Natsu Dragneel), Whom Zeref Resurrected As A Demon With The Intention Of Being Killed By Him.

When Natsu Is Unable To Do So, Zeref Consumes Fairy Heart From Mavis In An Attempt To Rewrite The Current Timeline To One Where He Could Prevent His Own Curse And Acnologia’s Rise To Power. After Natsu Defeats Zeref In Order To Stop The Dramatic Changes In History That Will Trigger His Actions, Mavis Removes The Curse From Her And Zeref, Reciprocating His Love, Which Kills Them Both.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail And Their Allies Hold Acnologia Inside A Time-space Rift Created By Eclipse, Zeref’s Time Travel Gate. However, Acnologia Escapes While His Disembodied Spirit Traps All Of The Current Dragon Slayers In The Rift In Order To Retain His Divine Power.

Lucy And Other Wizards Across The Continent Immobilize Acnologia’s Body In The Fairy Orb, While Natsu Accumulates The Magic Of The Other Dragon Slayers And Destroys Acnologia’s Spirit, Killing Him And Freeing The Dragon Slayers From Captivity. The Following Year, Natsu And His Team Embark On A Century-old Guild Mission, Continuing Their Adventure Together.

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