Fate/Stay Night

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Fate/stay Night

Fate/Stay Night Anime Plot In English

After A Mysterious Hell Kills His Family, Shiro Rescues And Adopts Kiritsugu Emiya, Who Teaches Him Magic And Justice.

One Night, Years After Kiritsugu’s Death, Shiro Is Cleaning Up The School When He Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Deadly Battle Between Two Superhumans Known As Servants. While Trying To Escape, The Boy Was Caught By One Of The Servants And Received A Life-threatening Injury.

Miraculously He Survived, But The Same Servant Returned To Complete What He Started. In Desperation, Shiro Summons His Servant, A Knight Named Saber. Now The Two Must Participate In The Fifth Holy Grail War, The Royal Battle Of The Seven Servants And The Magicians Who Summoned Them, With The Main Prize Being None Other Than The Almighty Holy Grail Itself.

Fate / Stay Night Follows Shiro As He Tries To Find The Fine Line Between Hero And Assassin, His Ideals Clashing With The Harsh Reality Around Him. Will The Boy Become The Same Hero As His Adoptive Father, Or Will He Die If He Tries?

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