Fly Me to the Moon

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • Tonikaku Kawaii

Fly Me to the Moon Anime Plot Story In English

Nasa Yuzaki Intends To Leave His Name In The History Books. Having Won First Place In The National Mock Exam And Aspiring To Enter A Prestigious High School, He Is Confident That His Whole Life Is Planned.

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However, Fate Is A Fickle Mistress. On A Snowy Evening On The Way Home, Nasa’s Gaze Fell On The Incomparable Beauty Across The Street. Enchanted, Nasa Tries To Approach Her, But Is Met By An Oncoming Truck.

Fortunately, His Life Is Saved Thanks To The Girl’s Swift Action. Bleeding Outside The Ambulance, He Watches The Girl Leave In The Moonlight – Reminiscent Of Princess Kaguya On Her Way To The Moon.

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Not Wanting This Chance Encounter To End, He Forces His Crippled Body To Stalk Her And Asks Her Out On A Date.

Surprised By His Recklessness And Determination, The Girl Accepts His Confession On One Condition: They Can Be Together Only If He Marries Her.

Fly Me to the Moon Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Yuzaki, Tsukasa
    • Yuzaki, Nasa
  • Supporting Characters
    • Arisugawa, Kaname
    • Arisugawa, Aya
    • Charlotte
    • Kaginoji, Chitose
    • Aurora
    • Yuzaki, Kanoka
    • Yuzaki, Enishi
    • Arisugawa’s Mother
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Fly Me To The Moon Anime Episode

Sl NoEpisode Title
2The First Night
9Daily Life
10The Way Home
12Husband and Wife
Fly Me To The Moon Anime Episode