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  • Freezing
  • Furījingu

Freezing Anime Plot Story

In 2065, Earth Will Find Itself At The Epicenter Of A War With Aliens From Other Dimensions Named Nova. The Military Is Developing And Training Pandora, Girls Who Can Use A Special Genetic Tissue Called Stigmata To Manifest Superhuman Combat Skills And Weapons. Pandora Is Supported By Male Partners Called Restraints, Who Use Special “freezing” Abilities To Restrict Their Opponent’s Mobility.

One Such Limitation Is Kazuya Aoi, Whose Late Sister Was Pandora. While Attending The Western Academy Of Genetics In Japan, Kazuya Meets Satellite El Bridget, The Powerful Pandora, and Nicknamed The Untouchable Queen For Her Ruthless Personality And Intense Aphophobia. Despite Warnings From Her Classmates To Stay Away From The Companion, Kazuya Befriends Her And Asks To Be Her Limiter.

Anime  Air Gear

After Satellizer Helped Her Survive Several Battles With School Rivals Of Different Ranks And Classes, Satellizer Agrees To Cooperate With Him, Although She Soon Meets A Rival In The Novel Named Rana Lynchen, Who Thinks Kazuya Is Her Soul Mate. Their Rivalry Ends When Nova Attacks Their School, Using Pandora Under Their Control To Gain Access To The School’s Underground Laboratory.

Satellite And Kazuya Join A Group Of West Genetics Students At A Research Lab In Alaska To Help With The Evolution Pandora Project. The E-pandora Project Allows Ordinary Girls To Endure Stigma And Become A Pandora.

When One Of The E-pandoras Goes Berserk, Others Wonder If The Drugs Are Safe To Experiment, But Are Forced To Obey The Wishes Of The Director And The Corporation. Learning That They Will Be Used Until They Are Consumed, Amelia Evans Leads A Rebellion That Escalates Into A Full-scale Nova Clash.

Anime  Highschool of The Dead

Kazuya Learns More About His Family’s Ties To Pandora And Nova. Kazuya’s Grandfather, Gengo Aoi, Launches A Similar Project In Which Satelliteizer And Rana Team Up With Girls Named Valkyries. However, During A Demonstration Exercise With A Custom Dummy, Nova Pandora Experiences Illusions And Nova’s Dummy Becomes A Legion Of Hundreds Of Nova’s Destroying Genetics.

Gengo Confronts This By Freeing The Legendary Pandora, Kazuya’s Aunt. The Chevalier Attempts To Kill Gengo Using A Group Of Criminals Called The Busters, But The Mission Falls Apart When Some Of The Legendary Pandors Turn Into A Deadly Nova Due To Antifreeze, But They Are Defeated By A Special Freeze Force And Arcadia 01, Cassandra’s Daughter, Conceived By Kazuha’s Father, Who Awakens From Stagnation In Response To The Awakened Power Of His Brother.

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Before The Chevalier Launches A New Attack, Gengo Embarks On His Basic Plan, Which Involves Sending Kazuya To Elka, The World Nova Came From To Find Out The Truth About Them. During His Time There, He Discovers That There May Be A Direct Connection Between The Two Worlds Regarding Novas, Pandora, And The Restrictor. There Are Also Several Alternate Versions Of The People He Knows On Elke.