Girlfriend Girlfriend

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Girlfriend, Girlfriend
  • Kanojo mo Kanojo
  • She is the Girlfriend too
  • カノジョも彼女

Girlfriend Girlfriend Anime Plot Story In English

After Years Of Unrequited Love, Naoya Mukai Finally Meets His Childhood Friend Saki Saki. However, As Soon As He Tries To Commit Himself To This Relationship, He Gets A Sudden Recognition From Nagisa Minase. At First, Naoya Tries To Reject Her, But Soon She Is Overwhelmed By A Feeling Of Unwillingness To Harm Nagisa.

Anime  Horimiya

Trying Not To Betray Her Girlfriend’s Trust In Him, Naoya Comes Up With A “solution” To Make Both Girls Happy – Twice. Naturally, Saki Rejects The Idea, But Due To Naoya And Nagisa’s Insistence, She Reluctantly Obeys. This Begins A Three-way Romance Between Naoya, His Girlfriend, And His “other” Girlfriend, As They Develop Relationships That Deviate From Social Norms.

Anime  Mo Dao Zu Shi

Girlfriend Girlfriend Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Minase, Nagisa
    • Saki, Saki
    • Kiryuu, Shino
    • Hoshizaki, Rika
    • Mukai, Naoya
  • Supporting Characters
    • Hoshizaki, Risa

Girlfriend Girlfriend Voice Actors

  • Main Characters
    • Minase, Nagisa
      • Waki, Azumi
    • Saki, Saki
      • Sakura, Ayane
    • Kiryuu, Shino
      • Takahashi, Rie
    • Hoshizaki, Rika
      • Taketatsu, Ayana
    • Mukai, Naoya
      • Enoki, Junya

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episodes

Sl. No.Episode Title
1Even If That Isn’t the Right Way
2How Nagisa Feels
3A Place for Three
4Girlfriend and Girlfriend
5A Third One!?
6Tsun Is Dere
7The Girlfriends’ Challenge
8Obviously in Love
9The Tsun’s Dere Gets Outed
10Can’t Wait for the Hot Springs
11Hot Spring Tropes
12Girlfriend, Girlfriend
Girlfriend Girlfriend Episodes