Girls Bravo

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Girls Bravo
  • Gārusu Burabō
  • GIRLSブラボー

Girls Bravo Plot Story In English

Yukinari Sasaki Is An Average High School Student Whom Girls Often Laugh At To The Point Of Developing An Allergic Reaction. As A Result, He Develops Hives Whenever He Comes Into Contact With A Female.

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One Day, When He Returns Home From School, He Is Kicked In The Bathtub By His Neighbor Kyrie Kojima, But He Is Transported To Seiren, A Mysterious World With A Predominantly Female Population.

He Befriends Sena Kanaka Miharu, Who Eventually Follows Him To Earth. Soon Other Seiren Girls Come To Them With Different Motives. They Take Part In Many Adventures As Miharu Discovers The Wonders Of The Earth.

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Girls Bravo Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Sena Kanaka, Miharu
    • Kojima, Kirie
    • Sasaki, Yukinari
  • Supporting Characters
    • Fukuyama, Kazuharu
    • Fukuyama, Risa
    • Ebi
    • Hare Nanaka, Koyomi
    • Kosame
    • Lana Jude, Tomoka
    • Sena Kanaka, Maharu