Grenadier is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sōsuke Kaise, published by Kadokawa Shoten’s Shōnen Ace.



English Dub

Episodes – 01 – 12

Status – Completed

October 14, 2004 – January 13, 2005


The Grenadier Recounts The Travels Of Rushun Tendo, A Skilled Marksman, And The Samurai Yajiro Kojima, A Mercenary Swordsman. The Senshi Or “Enlightened One” Is One Who, To Some Extent, Wields A Weapon. The Series Begins With Yajiro And A Small Army Of Samurai Attacking The Fort Head-on In An Attempt To Free Their Lord, Who Has Been Captured By A Group Of Gunners. The Attack Failed.

Yajiro Orders To Retreat, But Is Noticed By The Enemy And Pursues Him To A Small Cliff, From Which He Jumps To Escape. His Pursuers Still Chase Him, And He Follows A Nearby Stream Of Hot Water Upstream, Where He Finds Rushuna Bathing In A Hot Spring. She Doesn’t Seem To Be Bothered By His Presence Or Her Own Nakedness, And She Hides Him In A Hot Spring With Her Lush Breasts As Cover Until The Enemy Passes Them. She Then Introduces Herself As A Traveler And Reveals The Final Battle Strategy To Yagiro; To Avoid Battle By Removing The Enemy’s Desire To Fight.

Hearing Shots From The Renewed Assault On The Fort, Yagiro Leaves Rushuna To Return To Battle. He Arrives Just In Time To See The Gunnery Commander Use His Gatling Pistol To Destroy The Samurai. Rushuna Also Arrives At This Point And Demonstrates His Considerable Talent In Weapons And Effectively Ends The Battle By Defeating The Lead Marksman And Saving One Lord.

Something Changes In Him, Yagiro Decides To Become Rushuna’s Partner And Travel With Her.

During Their Travels, Rushuna And Yajiro Meet A Mysterious Masked Figure Known Only As The “Jester” Who Is In Charge Of A Weapon Called The Enlightened Evil. They Then Discover That Tenshi, Who Sent Rushuna On A Journey To Learn Ultimate Combat Strategy, Apparently Put A Price On Her Head. Together With A Girl Named Mikan Kurenai, The Creator Of Balloons, Rushuna And Yajiro Head To The Capital Of Tento. Along The Way, They Overcome Many Juttensen, Tenshi’s Elite Personal Bodyguards.

When The Three Reach Tento, They Learn The Truth, And The Final Showdown With The Jester Begins.

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