High Rise Invasion (Tenkuu Shinpan)

  • High Rise Invasion
  • Tenkū Shinpan
  • Tenkuu Shinpan
  • 天空侵犯

High Rise Invasion Anime Plot Story

Seeing That A Man’s Head Is Split With An Ax, 16-year-old Yuri Honjo Trembles With Fear And Confusion, Fleeing A Masked Assailant But Finds Herself Locked In An Abandoned Building, Where All The Doors Are Mysteriously Locked.

Desperately Looking For A Way Out, Yuri Runs Out Onto The Roof, But A World Without Signs Of Life Appears Before Her, Surrounded By Multi-storey Buildings. Despite The Fact That She Is Full Of Despair, Once She Finds Out That Her Brother Is Also In This Strange Place, Yuri Is Determined To Find Him And Escape.

However, She Soon Discovers That There Are Other Masked Assassins In The Area Who Seek To Terrorize Their Newly-Found Victims And Satisfy Their Most Painful Desires, Leaving Yuri In Doubt If They Can Survive.

High Rise Invasion Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Sniper Kamen
    • Nise, Mayuko
    • Honjou, Yuri
    • Shinzaki, Kuon
    • Honjou, Rika
  • Supporting Characters
    • Kusakabe, Yayoi
    • Dealer Kamen
    • Maid-fuku Kamen
    • Ein
    • Yoshida, Rikuya
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High Rise Invasion Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1I Just Don’t Get This World
2I’ve Found a New Goal
3I’m Sorry, Mayuko Nise
4I Won’t Give in to This World
5That’s an Incredible Ultimate Weapon
6If I Become a Perfect God
7I Will End This Realm
8I’ve Cast Off My Humanity, But That’s Fine
9Which Of Us Will Live a Cool Life?
10Our Enemy is One Who Desires Chaos
11I AM Justice!
12This is a High-Rise Invasion
High Rise Invasion Episodes

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