Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Hinamatsuri
  • ヒナまつり

Hinamatsuri Anime Plot In English

While Enjoying The Lucky Purchase Of A Valuable Vase For His Collection, Yoshifumi Nitta, A Member Of The Yakuza, Is Rudely Interrupted When A Large Strange Capsule Suddenly Materializes And Falls On His Head.

He Opens The Capsule To Find Out About A Young Blue-haired Girl Who Does Not Divulge Anything About Herself Except Her Name – Hina – And That She Has Enormous Powers. As If Nothing Could Be Worse, She Loses Control And Explodes If Her Powers Are Not Used. With No Other Choice, Nitta Becomes Her Guardian.

To Allow Her To Freely Use Her Powers, Nitta Asks Hina To Help With The Construction, Which Is Going Smoothly. But While This Is Happening, An Opposing Group Of Yakuza Secretly Attack His Boss. To Nitta’s Shock, His Colleagues Later Blamed Him! Designated To Attack A Group Of Rivals In Revenge, Nitta Tries Her Best And Arrives At Their Hideout.

But All Of A Sudden, Hina Intervenes And Helps Him Destroy The Entire Group. It Turns Out That Hina Can Be A Valuable Asset To Nitta And His Yakuza Business If She Doesn’t Use Her Powers Against Him First! And Now The Strange Life Of This Unusual Duo Begins.

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