Id Invaded (Ido Inveideddo)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Id:Invaded
  • Id – Invaded
  • Ido: Inveideddo
  • イド:インヴェイデッド

Id Invaded Anime Plot In English

The Mizuhanome System Is A Highly Advanced Development That Allows People To Enter One Of The Most Intriguing Places In The World – The Human Mind. Using The So-called “pieces Of Knowledge” Left By The Criminal At The Crime Scene.

Detectives From The Specialized Police Squad Kura Can Manifest The Unconscious Crime In The Form Of A Bizarre Stream Of Thoughts In The Virtual World. Their Task Is To Investigate This Psychological Plane, Called The “identification Well”, In Order To Reveal The Identity Of The Culprit.

Not Everyone Can Enter Id Wells. A Prerequisite Is That You Had To Kill Someone Yourself. This Is The Case Of Former Detective Akihito Narihisago Known As “Sakaido” Inside The Wells. Once A Tragedy Happened To A Respected Policeman, And Soon He Found Himself On The Other Side Of The Law.

Nonetheless, Narihisago Continues To Help Kura Imprisonment. While His Terrific Detective Skills Will Still Come In Handy In The Investigation, Narihisago Discovers That Not Everything Is As It Seems, As There Is A Much More Sinister Truth Behind A Seemingly Separate Series Of Murders.

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