Ladies versus Butlers!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Ladies versus Butlers!
  • Redi×Bato!
  • れでぃ×ばと!

Ladies versus Butlers Anime Plot In English

Akiharu Hino Lost His Parents When He Was Young And Was Adopted Into His Uncle’s Family. He Decides To Go To Hakureir Academy Boarding School Because He No Longer Wants To Burden His Relatives. He Decides To Take The Exam At This School And Enters The Department Of Home Administration, Where The School Prepares Servants For High Society.

He Wants To Become A Butler, But His Criminal Appearance Intimidates The Girls Who Make Up The Majority Of The Students. Unable To Get Along With His Classmates, Akiharu Meets His Childhood Friend Tomomi Saikyo, A Two-faced Girl Who Traumatized Him Many Times As A Child.

Another Girl Named Selnia Iori Flameheart Haunts Him Because Of His Gaze And Calls Him Suspicious. However, Akiharu Begins To Find His Feet At School, And His Relationship With The Girls Is Improving As Well.

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