Legend of The Galactic Heroes

  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  • Ginga Eiyū Densetsu
  • 銀河英雄伝説

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Anime Plot

The story takes place in the distant future in our Milky Way Galaxy, beginning with SE 796/IC 487/AD 3596.  Part of the galaxy is filled with terraformed worlds inhabited by interstellar traveling humans. For 150 years, two powerful space powers have been periodically at war with each other: the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.

In the Galactic Empire, based on Prussia in the mid-19th century, the ambitious military genius Reinhard von Musel, later called Reinhard von Lohengramm, rises to power. He is driven by the desire to free his sister Annerose, taken by the Kaiser as a concubine. Later, he wants to not only end the corrupt Goldenbaum dynasty, but also defeat the Free Planets Alliance and unite the entire galaxy under his rule.

There is another genius in the Free Planets Alliance Starfleet, Yang Wen-li. He originally aspired to become a historian through a military academy and only joined the tactical unit because of the need for money for training. He was quickly promoted to commodore because he demonstrated superiority in military strategy in a number of decisive battles and conflicts.

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He becomes Reinhard’s bitter rival, although they have great respect for each other. Unlike Reinhard, he is better known for his unsuccessful victories and accomplishments in overcoming seemingly impossible odds and reducing collateral damage and casualties from military operations.

As a historian, Yang often predicts the motives of his enemies, recounting the rich history of his world and offering commentary. One of his famous quotes: “There are few wars between good and evil, more often between one good and another good.”

In addition to the two main characters, the story is full of colorful characters and confusing politics. All types of characters are woven into the story – from the nobility, admirals and politicians to ordinary soldiers and farmers. The story often switches from the main characters to the Unknown Soldier fighting for his life on the battlefield.

There is a third neutral power nominally associated with the Galactic Empire, the Fezzan Dominion, a planet-state that trades with both warring powers. There is also a Terraism cult that believes humans should return to Earth, gaining popularity across the galaxy.

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Throughout history, Fezzan’s executive politicians, in conjunction with the higher hierarchy of the cult of Terraism, orchestrate a series of plots to turn the tide of the galactic war in their favor. The name “Fezzan” is a reference to Fezzan, a region in present-day Libya that played a historical role similar to that of the anime.

Christopher Farris of Anime News Network wrote that the novels focus on the “personal affairs of the main players” rather than “mechanical historical accounts”, while the 1988–1997 anime series focuses on the “big picture of the war” with many characters described , and the 2018 series focuses “only on the main pieces of our two lead actors to fit in with its shorter, more focused format.”

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Yang, Wen-li
    • von Lohengramm, Reinhard
    • von Reuenthal, Oskar
    • von Oberstein, Paul
    • Kircheis, Siegfried
    • von Schönkopf, Walter
    • Mittermeyer, Wolfgang
    • Minci, Julian
    • von Mariendorf, Hildegard
    • Attenborough, Dusty
  • Supporting Characters

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