Mankitsu Happening (Hentai)

Mankitsu Happening English Dub Anime Series. Mankitsu Happening English Dub Hentai Anime Series.

Mankitsu Happening

Mankitsu Happening

English Sub

Episodes – 01 – 04

Mar 27, 2015 – Aug 28, 2015


Keiichi Oyamada Has A Mysterious Power That Always Makes Him Seem Like A Happy Pervert, Anyway, He Ends Up Having Sex With Any Girl He Meets. Because Of This, He Never Had A Stable Job As He Is Constantly Fired From Anywhere Unfortunate Enough To Be Hired.

One Job Opportunity Arises When His Best Friend Calls Him To Work At A Manga Cafe, Which Keiichi Reluctantly Accepts. However, As Soon As He Starts His New Job, He Meets Rei Suzukawa, A Work Colleague, And Kururu Hiiragi, His Childhood Friend. They Are Both Very Beautiful, And Keiichi Fears That Even They Will Not Be Spared By His Lucky Perverted Powers.

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