• Mieruko-chan
  • The Girl Who Can See Them
  • 見える子ちゃん

Mieruko-chan Anime Plot In English

Miko Yotsui’s eyes tear up as she fixes her gaze on one spot on her phone – she ignores another horrible, horrible monster that stands in front of her face, uttering the disturbing words, “Can you see me?” So far, Miko has enjoyed her humble school days, with the nightly horror shows only serving as a form of entertainment. But since that fateful day, she is the only one who knows about invisible monsters roaming freely among people.

Miko courageously makes a bold decision: she will never, under any circumstances, acknowledge the presence of terrible ghosts. However, despite pretending they don’t exist, she still sees how they disturb the people around her, especially her best friend, the energetic and sweet Hana Yurikawa.

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In order to protect them from monster troubles, Miko does her best to continue her school life and avoid any nasty crises, even when they scare her to tears.

Mieruko-chan Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Yotsuya, Miko
  • Supporting Characters
    • Yurikawa, Hana
    • Niguredou, Yuria
    • Toono, Zen
    • Yotsuya, Kyousuke
    • Yotsuya, Mamoru
    • Gozuka
    • Takeda, Mitsue
    • Yotsuya, Touko
    • Living Room Spirit

Mieruko-chan Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Can You See Them?
2She Totally Sees Them
3She Still Sees Them
4Yep, She Sees Them
5She Sees Them, Too
6She Sees Real Crazy Ones
7Did You See That?
8The Things She Sees9Things She’s Seen Before10Don’t Look11She Looks12The Girl Who Sees, Mieruko-chanMieruko-chan Anime Episodes

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