My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • My Hero Academia Heroes Rising
  • Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī: Hīrōzu: Raijingu

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Anime Plot Story

The League Of Villains Are Pursued By Endeavor And The Hawks As They Drive Off In A Truck With A Mysterious Cargo. The Heroes Destroy The Truck, But Do Not Detain The League Members And Find An Empty Life Support Capsule Inside. The Man Within, A Villain Named Nine, Fled And Teamed Up With His Team Of Villains, Planning To Create A Society In Which Those With Strong Quirks Rule Over Others.

Wa Class 1-a Hai Was Sent To The Remote Island Of Naboo As Part Of A Security Program. Izuku Midoriya, Owner Of One For All, Meets Mahoro Shimano And Her Brother Katsuma, The Inhabitants Of The Island. After Contacting Them Along With Their Rival Katsuki Bakugo, They Discover That Katsuma Wants To Become A Hero, But Mahoro Tries To Dissuade Him.

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Meanwhile, Father Mahoro And Katsuma Are Attacked By Ninth And His Group, With Ninth Stealing His Quirk. The Ninth, Endowed With The All For One Ability, Can Steal And Possess Up To Nine Quirks, But His Body Cannot Handle Those Quirks Without Being Damaged. He Tries To Use A Stolen Quirk To Heal Himself, Becoming Nearly Invincible, But This Is Incompatible With His Blood Type. They Are Haunted By Nine Suggestions That Male Children Had A Better Option.

Ninth And His Gang Arrive On The Island And Destroy All Means Of Escape And Communication. Class 1-a Learns Of The Invasion And Splits Up To Stop The Villains And Protect The Inhabitants Of The Island. Ninth Finds The Children And Confirms That Katsuma Has A Weirdness He Is Looking For, But Midoriya Intervenes Before He Can Steal It; However, Neither He Nor Bakugou Oppose The Ninth. However, They Force Him To Retreat Due To The Overuse Of His Quirks.

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Class 1-a Teams Up And Decides To Attack The Villains Head-on While Waiting For The Other Heroes To Arrive. After Evacuating The Islanders, The Class Manages To Defeat The Rest Of The Nine Team, But The Nine Incapacitates Them, With The Exception Of Midoriya And Bakugou. Seeing No Other Way To Defeat The Ninth, Midoriya Transports One For All To Bakugou, Who Uses His Remains. Together They Defeat The Ninth, But “One For All” Midoriya Fades Away.

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When The Professional Heroes Arrive, Hashem Finds Bakugou And Midoriya Unconscious. He Realizes That “One For All” Remains In Midoriya As Bakugou’s Transmission Was Interrupted, Suggesting That The Previous Owners Of “One For All” Wish Midoriya To Keep Him. Elsewhere, Tomura Shigaraki Finds And Kills A Weakened Nine Out Of Spite.

After Being Detained By The Gang, Ninth Grade Repairs Damage On The Island Before Returning Home. Midoriya And Bakugo, Who Have Lost The Memory Of Possessing One For All, Bid Farewell To Katsuma And Mahoro. The Film Ends With Midoriya Reassuring Katsuma That He Can Become A Hero, As The Almighty Did For Him.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Todoroki, Shouto
    • Midoriya, Izuku
    • Bakugou, Katsuki
  • Supporting Characters
    • All Might
    • Aizawa, Shouta
    • Kirishima, Eijirou
    • Uraraka, Ochako
    • Asui, Tsuyu
    • Toga, Himiko
    • Dabi