My Hero Academia Two Heroes

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
  • Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero
  • Boku no Hīrō Academia THE MOVIE: Futari no Hīrō
  • 僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ~2人の英雄ヒーロー

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Anime Movie Plot

Flashbacks Show A Young Almighty From California Fighting A Couple Of Villains Who Robbed Casinos With The Help Of His Friend David, Who Worked Hard And Created Many Of His Costumes.

Back In The Present, Hashem Brings Midoriya With Him To A Moving Island In A Floating City Called “Island I” For A Convention That Is Currently Taking Place There. Upon Arrival, The Almighty And Midoriya Are Greeted By David’s Daughter Melissa, Who Greets Them And Takes Them To David.

Following The Reunion, Almighty Undergoes Trials With David, During Which He Realizes That Almighty’s Quirk Is Almost Exhausted. He Is Terrified, Believing That No Man Can Maintain His Role As A Symbol Of Peace. Meanwhile, Melissa Shows Midoriya The Island, And They Run To Midoriya’s Classmates From Class 1, Who Were Invited To The Island For Various Reasons. After Watching The Events On The Island, Melissa Invites Class 1-a To Join The Official Party, Which Is Held With All The Heroes Present. Before The Party, Melissa Gives Midoriya A Gauntlet That Allows Him To Fully Use His Quirk Without Getting Hurt.

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Meanwhile, Wolfram, A Villain Who Secretly Arrived On The Island, Took Control Of The Island’s Security System During A Party And Threatened To Kill Its Inhabitants. He Holds Back All Of The Pro-heroes Present, Including Almighty, And Takes David And His Assistant Sam Hostage To Break Into The Island’s Hideout. Midoriya, Melissa, And The Rest Of Class 1-a Students Managed To Dodge The Attackers. They Decide To Fight The Villains And Free The Heroes By Climbing To The Top Of The Building And Disabling The Security System. Wolfram Uses His Powers To Stop Them, But Midoriya And Melissa Manage To Climb To The Top Despite This.

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At The Top Of The Tower, They Discover That David And Sam Have Been Organizing Nightly Events With The Actors. Their Goal Was To Steal Their Greatest Invention, A Headset That Maximizes The Power Of A Person’s Quirk, Which Was Locked To Prevent It From Falling Into The Wrong Hands. David Wants To Give All His Strength To Maintain His Role As A Hero. However, Wolfram Appears And Reveals That He Is Not An Actor, But A Real Villain, Working With Sam To Get His Headset Back. Wolfram Steals The Headset And Tries To Kill Sam And Melissa, But David And Midoriya Save Them.

Wolfram Restrains Midoriya, Kidnaps David, And Escapes To The Rooftop. Midoriya Can’t Stop Wolfram From Taking Off In The Helicopter With David, But Melissa Takes Control Of The Security System And Frees The Professional Heroes. The Almighty Reaches The Roof And Prevents The Helicopter From Taking Off.

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Wolfram Then Uses The Headset To Amplify His Power By Creating A Giant Metal Body With David Inside. He Defeats The Almighty, Revealing That He Is Secretly In League With The Arch Enemy Of The Almighty All For One, Who Gave Wolfram Extra Quirks And Organized Nightly Activities To Demoralize The Almighty. Unable To Defeat Wolfram Alone, The Almighty Asks For Help From Midoriya. The Rest Of The Students Soon Arrive At The Rooftop And Help All The Forces And Midoriya, Who Join Forces To Defeat Wolfram And Free David.

When The Sun Rises, David And Everyone Can Assume That Melissa And Midoriya Are The Next Generation Of Heroes, And That The World Will Be In Good Hands Even After Hashem’s Quirk Disappears.

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