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Noblesse Anime Plot Story

The “Noble” Cadiz Etrama Di Raisel, Also Known As “Paradise,” Entered Ye Ran High School As His Servant Of Frankenstein To Remain Hidden From The Eyes Of The Union, A Mysterious Organization Hungry For The Blood Of Paradise.

Paradise Begins Life As A Student, Getting To Know Her Classmates And The Daily Activities Of People. However, His New Life Is Far From Peaceful, And Soon Paradise Is Forced To Save His New Friends From The Hands Of The Union, Which Kidnapped Them.

Meanwhile, M-21 – A Union Agent Who Became A Crook During The Operation To Save Paradise – Joins The Security Personnel Of Ye Ran High School At The Suggestion Of The School Principal, Who Turns Out To Be None Other Than Frankenstein Himself.

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At First Glance, M-21 Is An Honest And Decent Employee, But In Reality, He Is Shackled By His Former Ties With The Union And The Inevitable Consequences Of Betrayal Of The Organization.

To Complicate Matters Further, The Nobles Regis C. Landegre And Saira J. Loyard Enroll In The Same School To Investigate The Nobility. While The Union Searches For M-21 To Find The Keys To The Missing Agents, Paradise Is Forced To Hide His Identity, Protecting Everything That Is Dear To Him.

Noblesse Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel
    • Frankenstein
  • Supporting Characters
    • M-21
    • Loyard, Seira J.
    • Tao
    • Han, Shin-Woo
    • Kertia, Rajak
    • Takeo
    • Landegre, Regis K.
    • Ik-Han, Woo
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Noblesse Episode

Sl. NoTitle
0Noblesse: Awakening
1What Must Be Protected / Ordinary
2A Reason to Fight / Nobility
3Night’s Footsteps / Fall Out
4Spiderweb / Long Fall
5A Friend’s Hand / Fight for…
6Great Power / Raizel
7The Girl I’m Into Is a Noble / Unforgettable
8Frankenstein / First Contact
9Blood Pact / Devote
10Dangerous Man / LOVEPARADE
11Lord / Lost Child
12That All May Be as It Should Be / Execution
13Noblesse / Take Her Hand
Noblesse Episodes

Noblesse Season 2

At The Time Of Writing, Noblesse Is Not Renewable For A Second Season Of Studio I.g. And It Is Currently Unclear If The Anime Series Will Return.

On The One Hand, Noblesse Is The Original Of Crunchyroll, And As Such, The Anime Streaming Service Is Likely To Invest The Necessary Resources In The Development Of The Second Season – The Original Programs Are Not Created Without Considering Longevity.

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It Is Also Believed That There Is A Lot Of Source Material From The Original Manhwa Tv Series That Can Be Used In An Anime Adaptation To Create A Second Season. If Not For The Entire Anime Season, Another Ova Could Be Created To Fill The Gap Until A Renewal Decision Is Made.

However, There Is A Problem Of Popularity; Fans Should Watch The Show And Love It Enough To Get The Resources They Need To Create Yet Another Season Of The Anime.

Since Noblesse Is Not Officially Renewing, No Release Date For The Second Season Has Been Disclosed. However, We Can Make Some Predictions As To When The Anime Might Return Based On The Production Schedule For The First Season.

The Anime Adaptation Of Noblesse Was Announced At Seoul Comic-con In August 2019 And Premiered On Crunchyroll In October 2020.

Assuming Season 2 Has A Similar Production Schedule, Noblesse Season 2 Could Theoretically Debut As Early As October 2021. However, It All Depends On Whether Crunchyroll Will Update The Anime In The Next Few Months.