Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Noragami
  • Stray God
  • ノラガミ

Noragami Anime Plot Story

If Necessary, If You Look In The Right Place, You Just Might See A Strange Phone Number Scrawled In Red. If You Call This Number, You Will Hear The Young Man Introduce Himself As God Yato.

Yato Is A Minor Deity And Self-proclaimed “Delivery God” That Millions Of Fans Dream Of. Without A Single Temple Dedicated To His Name, His Goals Are Far From Being Realized. He Spends His Days Doing Odd Jobs At Five Yen Apiece Until His Comrade-in-arms Grows Tired Of His Useless Master And Abandons Him.

Just As Everything Seems Grim For God, His Fate Changes When A High School Student, Hiyori Iki, Allegedly Saves Yato From A Car Accident By Taking The Blow For Him. It Is Noteworthy That She Survived, But This Event Led To The Fact That Her Soul Became Liberated And, Therefore, Was Able To Leave Her Body.

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Hiyori Demands That Yato Bring Her Back To Normal, But Upon Learning That He Needs A New Partner For This, He Reluctantly Agrees To Help Him Find Him. And With Hiyori’s Help, Yato’s Luck Can Finally Change.

Noragami Season 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Noragami Aragoto

Yato and Yukine finally mend their relationship as god and regalia and everyone returned to their daily lives.

Yato remains a minor and unknown deity who continues to earn odd jobs for five yen apiece in the hope of one day having millions of worshipers and his own great shrine. Yato has yet to mend Hiyori Iki’s licentious soul, but she is enjoying life and preparing to enter high school nonetheless.

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The events of Noragami Aragoto, taking place immediately after the first season, reveal the complicated past between Yato and the war god Bishamon.

The female goddess harbors a mysterious grudge against Yato, which often leads to violent clashes between the two.

It doesn’t help that Bishamon’s most trusted and beloved Regalia, Kazuma, seems to be indebted to Yato. When lives are at stake, unraveling these and other mysteries may be the only way to correct past mistakes.

Noragami Season 3

Unfortunately, Noragami season 3 is unlikely. We think that if there are any plans for season 3, then it would have already been released. The second season of Noragami did not make as much profit when compared to the first season of the series.

Sales for the second season were very low. Also, one of the manga authors is terribly ill. 4 volumes of the manga were released, but they did not attract much attention from the public.

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However, we still have some hope for Noragami Season 3. So you might have a chance to see Noragami season 3. Recently, anime caught the attention of the audience unexpectedly and made a significant profit this year, 2021. It grabbed the attention of the audience. and became popular. Thus, the faith in the 3rd season can be said with certainty within one to two years.

There is still no news or updates on the official release date for Season 3 of Noragami. Actually Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet. We think that if the manga author recovers, then we can get Noragami season 3.

If we see the profit made by the show this year in 2021, we are still waiting for Noragami season 3 to come out. The first two seasons of the series included the history of the manga from volumes 1 to 9. So, in order to get content for season 3, the author really needs to get well soon.

Noragami Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Yato
    • Yukine
    • Iki, Hiyori
  • Supporting Characters
    • Bishamon
    • Kofuku
    • Kazuma
    • Nora
    • Daikoku
    • Rabou
    • Kuraha

Noragami Episode

Season – 01

Sl NoEpisode Title
1A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail
3Bidden Calamity
4Where Happiness Lies
6Scary Person
7Uncertainty and Destiny
8Over the Line
10Regarded with Hate
11Abandoned God
12A Scrap of a Memory
13God’s Possession, God’s Curse (OVA – 01)
14A Promise in Spring (OVA – 02)
Noragami Season 1

Season – 02

Sl NoEpisode Title
1Bearing a Posthumous Name
2One of Her Memories
3False Bond
5Divine Acclamation, Imprecation
6What Must be Done
7How to Worship a God
8God of Calamity
9The Sound of a Thread Snapping
10A Certain Desire
12Your Voice Calls Out
13The God of Fortune’s Message
14The Yatogami Serial Murder Incident ~Noragami Suspense Theatre~ (OVA – 01)
15A Picture Together (OVA – 02)
Noragami Season 2

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