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One Punch Man Anime Plot Story

On Earth’s Supercontinent, Powerful Monsters And Villains Wreak Havoc In Cities. In Response, The Millionaire Agoni Creates The Hero Association, In Which Superheroes Fight Evil. Saitama, An Unrelated Hero, Hails From City Z And Performs Heroic Deeds As A Hobby. He Trained To The Point That He Could Defeat Any Enemy With One Blow, But His Unrivaled Strength Made Him Feel Overwhelmed With Boredom.

Saitama Eventually Becomes A Reluctant Mentor To Genos, A Cyborg Seeking Revenge On Another Cyborg Who Killed His Family And Destroyed His Hometown. Saitama And Genos Join The Hero Association, But Due To The Low Score On The Written Entrance Exam, Saitama Has A Low Rating, And His Exploits Go Unnoticed And Underestimated By The Public.

The Hero Association Calls All The Main Characters To A Meeting, Informing Them That Seer Shibabawa Had A Vision That The World Was In Danger Before Dying. Immediately After That, An Alien Named Boros Invades The Planet. The Heroes Fight The Invaders Outside Of The Boros Ship, While Saitama Boards The Ship And Battles The Boros, Who Are Known To Have Survived More Than One Blow From Saitama Before Being Defeated.

Saitama Meets Other Heroes Such As Martial Artist Bang, Esper Blizzard And King, A Hero Considered The Most Powerful Man On Earth. Monsters Also Start Spawning At An Increasing Rate. Another Growing Threat Is The Rogue Martial Artist Garo, A Former Apprentice Of Bang And The Self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter” Garo, Who Fights And Conquers Heroes To Grow Stronger And Become A “Monster.”

The Influx Of Monsters Is Revealed To Be The Work Of The Monster Association, An Organization Made Up Of Monsters Intent On Destroying The Hero Association. They Attack Different Cities, Kidnap The Child Of The Head Of The Association Of Heroes And Recruit Fighters, Offering Them “cages With Monsters”, Forcing People To Mutate Into Monsters With Unusual Abilities. Throughout All Of This, Garo Communicates With A Child Who Worships Heroes, Searches For Heroes To Fight, And Greatly Improves His Fighting Abilities.

The Monster Association Tries To Recruit Him And Kidnaps The Child When Garo Refuses. Garo Enters The Monster Association Headquarters In City Z To Save A Child, But Is Captured. The Hero Association Also Invades The Headquarters To Rescue The Leader’s Child, And A Chaotic Battle Ensues In Which The City Of Z Is Destroyed.

Most Of The Monster Association Leaders Are Killed, But Many Heroes Who Are Too Confident In Their Abilities Are Defeated. Garo, Having Achieved Immense Strength, Defeats The Remaining Heroes Before Saitama, In Turn, Arrives And Defeats Him. Despite The Objections Of The Other Heroes, Saitama Spares Garo’s Life And Allows Him To Escape.

After The Battle, The Poor Performance Of The Hero Association Leads To A Sharp Decline In Public Opinion About Them. Several Heroes And Dignitaries Decide To Retire Or Side With The Neo-heroes, A Growing Group Of Rivals Who Seem To Be More Effective In Dealing With The Growing Threats Of Monsters Thanks To The More Members And Leadership Of The Hero Blue, Who Claims To Be The Son. A Long-lost Blast.

One Punch Man Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Saitama
    • Genos
  • Supporting Characters
    • Tatsumaki
    • Mumen Rider
    • Fubuki
    • Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
    • Metal Bat
    • King
    • Puripuri Prisoner
    • Bang

One Punch Man Season 2

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • One Punch Man 2nd Season

After Defeating Boros And His Mighty Army, Saitama Returned To His Undistinguished Daily Life In Z-city. However, Without His Knowledge, The Number Of Monsters Appearing Is Still Constantly Growing, Which Puts A Strain On The Resources Of The Association Of Heroes.

Their Top Leaders Decide To Take A Bold Step – They Recruit Bullies To Help In Their Battle. But During The First Meeting With These Potential Aliens, A Mysterious Person Appears Who Calls Himself Garu. Declaring Himself A Monster, He Begins To Mercilessly Attack The Crowd.

The Mysterious Garou Continues To Rampage Against The Hero Association, Crushing Every Hero It Encounters. He Turned Out To Be The Best Former Student Of The Legendary Martial Artist Silver Fang And Seemed To Be Guided By Unknown Motives.

Be That As It May, This Beast Of People Cannot Be Stopped. Intrigued By This Mysterious New Foe And Unquenchable Hunger For Money, Saitama Decides To Seize The Opportunity And Join An Interesting Martial Arts Competition.

As The Tournament Begins And The Garou Continue His Rampage, A Great New Threat Emerges That Threatens The Entire Human World. Could This Finally Be The Devastating Disaster Predicted By The Great Seer Madame Shibabawa?

One Punch Man Season 3

Rumors Circulate Online That The Third Season Is In Development And Will Be Released In 2021. This Is All Fake News. One Punch Man Has Yet To Be Renewed For A Third Season Or Canceled.

Don’t Expect It To Come Out In 2021. According To My Prediction, Season 3 Of One Punch Man Will Be Release In Late 2022 Or Early 2023.

One Punch Man S Class Heroes

  • S Class Heroes
    • Blast
    • Tornado of Terror (Tatsumaki)
    • Silver Fang (Bang)
    • Atomic Samurai (Kamikaze)
    • Child Emperor
    • Metal Knight (Bofoi)
    • King
    • Zombieman
    • Drive Knight
    • Pig God
    • Superalloy Darkshine
    • Watchdog Man
    • Flashy Flash
    • Demon Cyborg (Genos)
    • Metal Bat (Bad)
    • Tanktop Master
    • Puri-Puri Prisoner

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