Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Radiant
  • ラディアン

Radiant Anime Plot In English

In The World Of Pompo Hills, A Race Of Monsters Named Nemeses Falls From The Sky. These Creatures Infect Everything They Touch. People Who Survive Contact Become Cursed, But They Also Gain The Ability To Wield A Magical Power Known As “Fantasy”, Thus Becoming Sorcerers. Seth, The Protagonist Of Radiant, Is A 15-year-old Boy Who Survived The Attack Of Nemesis.

Anime  Assassination Classroom

He Dreams Of Defeating All Enemies And Establishing Peace Between Sorcerers And The Rest Of Humanity. To-Do This, He Must Find The Place Where The Sworn Enemies Came From, The Legendary Shining One, And Destroy Him. He And Other Sorcerers Travel The Region In Search Of The Shining One While Avoiding The Inquisition, An Organization That Opposes Sorcerers.