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Re-Main Anime Plot In English

When Minato Kiyomizu wakes up in the hospital, he learns that he has been in a coma for 203 days. As it turns out, the car accident caused him to lose all memories of the trip to high school. Eventually, he rediscovers his former glory in water polo and wishes to pick up where he left off.

However, after embarrassingly realizing the vast discrepancy between his old and current selves, Minato begins intensive rehabilitation in hopes of starting a new life – a life without water polo.

However, Minato immediately reminisces about his past prowess and promise on his very first day at Yamanami High School. Soon enough, despite being fully aware of his inadequacy, he joins the school’s water polo club If necessary, to re-learn the basics of the sport.

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He, along with his fellow club members, must recruit new members in order to complete the required list of seven people. In doing so, Minato tries to revive his deep-seated talent for water polo and once again become one of Japan’s famous players.

Re-Main Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Kiyomizu, Minato
    • Joujima, Jou
    • Oka, Eitarou
  • Supporting Characters
    • Inomata, Yutaka Babayaro
    • Ushimado, Yoshiharu
    • Kawakubo, Chinu
    • Amihama, Shuugo
    • Momosaki, Riku
    • Ejiri, Takekazu
    • Bizen, Akimitsu

Re-Main Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Sorry, Who Are You?
2I’m No Prodigy
3But, Give Us a Hendy
4This Ain’t Looking Good…
5Dude, That’s Scary!!!
6Hey! Look This Way!
7Auspicious Day
8Who Are These Guys?
9I’ve Always Been Me
10It’s the Only Way I Know to Win
11Pass! Pass to Me!
12C’mon, Let’s Get StartedRe-Main Anime Episodes

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