Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 (Kanojo, Okarishimasu Season 2)

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  • Rent A Girlfriend
  • Kanojo, Okarishimasu
  • 彼女、お借りします

Rent A Girlfriend

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

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The Announcement Of The Second Season Of The Series “Hire A Girl” Was Definitely Not Long In Coming. Crunchyroll, Which Broadcasts The Series, Stated That The Second Season Has Been Confirmed In The Same Way That The First Ended In 2020. However, No Release Date Had Been Set At The Time. Thankfully, That Window At Least Narrowed Earlier This Year, As Anime News Network Reported That Cheating Girlfriend Season 2 Will Air In 2022.

Fans Could Look Forward To The 2021 Release, Especially Considering That It Was Already A Year After The First Season. However, The Covid-19 Pandemic Has The Potential To Delay The Series’ Release: As Reported By Nikkei Asia, Japanese Animation Studios Have Been Hit Hard By The Pandemic, So A 2022 Release Makes Sense.

Looking Ahead, We Can See A Second Season Reflecting The Summer Release Of The Previous Season. The First Season Of Hired Girlfriends Premiered In July In Japan And Then In The United States. At The End Of August, Which Means That The Second Season Could Follow The Same Route In 2022.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Anime Plot Story In English

The Official Storyline For The Second Season Of Rent A Girlfriend Has Yet To Be Announced. However, The First Season Was Not Much Different From The Roots Of The Manga, Closely Following The First Six Volumes. And Since The Manga Currently Has About 190 Chapters And 19 Volumes, Not To Mention The End, There Is Actually A Lot To Glean In The New Season.

The Final Episode Of Season 1 Ended With Some Pretty Interesting Events. Mami Actually Rented Chizuru And Then Told Her About Kazuya, Revealing That She Knew The True Nature Of The Relationship Between Her And Kazuya. However, Chizuru Denies This, Saying That Kazuya Was Indeed Her Boyfriend.

She Then Asked Mami If She Had Ever Thought Of Kazuya As The True Love Of Her Life, To Which She Received Little Response. Kazuya Later Meets Up With Chizuru And Kind Of Admits He Wants Her As A Friend, But Backs Off A Bit, Saying That He Meant A Friend On The Loan.

Season 2 Will Likely Continue Exploring These Events Between Kazuya, Chizuru, And Mami. And While Season 1 Continued To Tease These Characters’ True Feelings, Season 2 Will Likely Provide More Opportunities For Their True Romantic Feelings To Really Break Through.

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