Rizelmine (Rizerumain)

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Rizelmine
  • Rizerumain
  • りぜるまいん

Rizelmine Anime Plot In English

Rizelmina’s Storyline Focuses On Tomonori Iwaki, A 15-year-old Student Who Loves Older Women, Including High School Girls, College Students, And Even Female Instructors. Having Just Discovered That His Teacher, With Whom He Is So Deeply In Love, Is Engaged, He Comes Home And, To His Great Disappointment, Discovers That “the Power Of The State” Forced Him To Marry A 12-year-old Girl. -year-old Girl.

An Old Girl Named Riesel, The First Government Created Through Human Genetic Engineering Experiments. Any Resistance That Iwaki’s Parents Might Put Up Is Immediately Cut Short By Promises Of Free Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning, Government-sponsored Promotions And Housing Loans, All Carried Out By “government Authorities.” Despite Tomonori’s Protests, Riselle And Her Three Secret Service Guards, Known Only As Papa A, Papa B, And Papa C., Quickly Move To Tomonori’s House And You’re Done.

Riesel’s Tears Contain The Same Compound As Nitroglycerin And Are Therefore Explosive, Requiring Constant Renovation In Their Home. At The End Of Each Episode, Tomonori Calls Riselle An Idiot, Making Her Cry And Exploding. Riesel, With The Help Of Her Father, Tries To Win Tomonori’s Love. However, Tomonori Still Loves His Teacher. Other Characters Who Create An Uneasy Web Of Love Are Ryunosuke Houin, In Love With Riselle, And Kyoko Yachigusa, In Love With Tomonori.

Both Try Their Best To Keep Risel And Tomonori From Getting Close. Tomonori Later Learns That Risel Is An Older Woman Whom He Fell In Love With When He Was Young, But She Could Not Grow Up After They Met, Because She Also Fell In Love With Him, And She Needed More Than Just Love From Her “father” Upon Learning Of This, Tomonori Realizes That Risel Is His Elderly Woman.

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