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Samurai 7 Anime Plot Story In English

Samurai 7 Tells The Story Of A Village Called Kanna. In A Futuristic World That Has Just Seen The End Of A Massive War, Dozens Of Villages Are Being Terrorized By Nobuseri Bandits. But The Nobuseri Aren’t Normal Bandits.

They Were Once Samurai Who Built Their Living Cells Into Machines During The War To Become Dangerous Weapons That Now Appear More Like Machines Than Humans. Absolute Power Corrupts, And Its Reign Of Terror Strengthens Rule Over The Land.

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The Elder Of The Village Of Kanna Has Decided That They Have To Hire Samurai To Fight The Bandits And Protect The Village. However, The Village Has No Money And Therefore Has To Find Samurai Willing To Protect The Village In Exchange For Rice.

Three Villagers Leave The Village To Recruit Samurai. They Travel To Town To Look For Samurai Willing To Work And After Finding Several Samurai And Having Some Encounters With The Local Government, They Return To Kanna Village To Prepare Defenses Against The Bandits.

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The Samurai Train The Villagers To Use Arches, Build Walls And Build A Giant Ballista To Defend The Village From The Bandits. After Successfully Defeating The Bandits, The Samurai Launch An Attack On The Capital To Defeat A Power-hungry Ruler Who Recently Came To Power As Emperor.

After Heavy Losses For The Samurai And The Near Destruction Of The Village Of Kanna, The Capital Is Finally Defeated.

Samurai 7 Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Kyuzo
    • Kikuchiyo
    • Hayashida, Heihachi
    • Shimada, Kambei
    • Okamoto, Katsushiro
    • Kirara
    • Katayama, Gorobei
    • Komachi
    • Shichiroji
    • Rikichi

Samurai 7 Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1The Master (The Murderer)
2The Pupil
3The Entertainer
4The Loner
5The Drifter
6The Fool
7The Friend
8The Guardians
9The Bandits
10The Journey
11The Village
12The Truth
13The Attack
14The Offering
15The Gun and The Calm
16The Storm
17The Remembrance
18The Emperor
19The Mutiny
20The Execution
21The Rescue
22The Divide
23The Lies
24The Oaths
25The Last Battle
26The Era’s End
Samurai 7 Episodes

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