Sankarea : Undying Love

Sankarea: Undying Love Is A Japanese Manga Series Written And Illustrated By Mitsuru Hattori.

Sankarea Undying Love

Sankarea : Undying Love

English Dub

Episodes – 01 – 14

April 5, 2012 – June 28, 2012


Chihiro Furuya Is A High School Student With A Keen Interest In Zombies, Collecting Zombie-related Video Games, Movies And Manga, And Even To The Point Where He Wants To “Kiss A Zombie Girl.”

After The Death Of His Pet Cat, Babu, He Tries To Revive Him Using An Old Manuscript That Describes The Process Of Making A Resurrection Potion. At This Time, He Meets A Girl Named Rea Sanka, Who Ran Away From Home. While Trying To Commit Suicide, She Drinks A Sample Of The “Resurrection” Potion That Is Created From The Poisonous Macrophylla Hydrangea Flower, Although This Cannot Kill Her.

  • Sankarea Undying Love
  • Sankarea Undying Love
  • Sankarea Undying Love
  • Sankarea Anime

After A Quarrel With Her Father, She Accidentally Falls Off A Cliff And Dies. However, As A Result Of The Action Of The Potion, She Turns Into A Zombie Who Eats Hydrangea Leaves In Order To Survive.

The Story Tells About The Life Of Chihiro And His New “Zombie Girlfriend”.

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