Sankarea: Undying Love

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Sankarea: Undying Love
  • Sankarea
  • さんかれあ

Sankarea Anime Plot Story

Since Childhood, The Obsessed Zombie Chihiro Furuya Wanted An Undead Girl. Soon, His Love For Everything Zombie-related Comes In Handy When His Cat Baabu Gets Under The Foot, And Chihiro Tries To Prepare A Resurrection Potion And Bring Him Back To Life.

Anime  Combatants Will Be Dispatched !

During His Attempts, He Sees A Rich Girl Named Rea Sanka Screaming Into An Old Well Every Day About Her Hard Life. After Meeting And Getting Closer To Her, Ri Convinces Chihiro To Persist In Saving Baabu. In The End, He Manages To Obtain The Poisonous Hydrangea Flowers From Rea’s Family Garden.

Anime  Plunderer

Unaware Of The Potion’s Success And Seeking To Escape The Burden Of Her Life, Rea Drinks The Resurrection Potion, Mistakenly Thinking She Will Die. While This Does Not Kill Her, The Effects Still Persist And Her Death In A Fatal Accident Causes Her To Be Reborn As A Zombie. With Chihiro’s Help, Ri Tries To Adjust To Her New, Albeit Inanimate, Life.

Anime  Girls Bravo

For A Boy Who Wants A Zombie Girl, This Situation May Seem Like A Dream. But In Sankarea, Chihiro’s Life Becomes Stranger Than Usual As He Deals With Ri’s New Strange Addictions And The Unintended Consequences Of Her Transformation.