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School Days Anime Plot

High School Student Makoto Ito First Notices Kotonoha Katsura At The Beginning Of The Second Semester Of His First Year. He Is Immediately Fascinated By Her Beauty, But His Shyness Does Not Allow Him To Approach Her, Even If They Ride The Same Train Every Day.

Instead, He Secretly Photographs Her And Sets The Wallpaper On His Cell Phone, A Spell That, If Kept Secret, Supposedly Helps You Realize Your Love. However, Sekai’s Classmate Saionji Notices The Photo, But Instead Of Pissing Him Off, She Offers To Help Set Him Up With Kotonoha, Going So Far As To Befriend Her Just For Him. Thus, The Trinity Begins A Rather Impromptu Friendship.

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School Days Tracks The Lives Of These Three Teens As They Overcome The Joys And Hardships Of High School. In A Living Story Full Of Romance And Melancholy, The Tale Of These Three Disciples Will Remain In The Memory Long After The Momentous Conclusion.

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